Making a meal for your friends, family, or just for yourself can be a relaxing, rewarding, and tasty experience. But one thing that is never any fun is searching for around cookware or cutlery. The kitchen is arguably the most difficult room in the home to organize. Benjamin Franklin must have had it in mind when he thought up his famous epigram, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Where to begin? Putting your cluttered kitchen in order takes time, commitment, and organizers. Because it is such a common concern, department stores and home centers across the country offer affordable organizers for the most popular room in the home. In this article, we will discuss a few basic kitchen organizers.

Cabinet Organizers

Nothing takes up more space in the kitchen than the food. Even with the aid of popular storage spaces like pantries, Lazy Susans, shelves, cabinets, and drawers, food can be a chore to put away. Cabinet organizers are really nothing more than plastic bins that help homeowners separate food items. They are stacked on shelves in the cabinet or pantry and they keep similar items together. That’s how easy organization is.

Most homeowners actually label each bin. They might have one for sauces, one for pasta, and another for dry foods. It might seem a bit anal, but it actually makes grocery shopping a cinch. All the shopper has to do is check each bin to see what they need and put it on the list. Then when they get home, everything has a place. Even the children can help put the groceries away without having to ask where each item belongs.

Kitchen Carts

The kitchen island was invented to offer homeowners more counter and seating space. It was a great idea that caught on almost immediately. There’s only one drawback—they take up a lot of space. So, if you have an undersized kitchen or you happen to live in an apartment, odds are you won’t be able to add an island. One simple and affordable alternative is the kitchen cart.

While it cannot increase your seating space, a kitchen cart does provide additional counter and storage space. The model we reviewed had a removable granite top, a base cabinet, two pull-out drawers, two shelves, a stemware rack, a towel bar, and wheels. Believe it or not, that’s nearly as much storage space as a small kitchen island. Not to mention the fact that it’s portable, which makes it an excellent choice for small kitchens.

Refrigerator Rollout Caddy

The worst part about owning a refrigerator is cleaning it. Because it is home to the messiest foods in the home, the fridge never stays clean for long. Of course, to do a thorough job, you will have to remove each and every item in the fridge. We’re talking about hundreds of bottles, cartons, cans, packets, containers, pitchers, and pieces of loose fruit. Once the shelves are finally bare, you’ll have to get in there with your all-purpose cleaner and paper towels and clean that fridge from top to bottom, every square inch. If you’re lucky and there are no big, sticky spills or stains, you might finish up before the sun goes down. Or you could buy a kitchen organizer.

One organizer that saves homeowners the trouble of cleaning their refrigerators every few months is the rollout caddy. These small plastic bins have wheels on the bottom, which makes them easy to remove when you need something in the back of the fridge. They are also dish-washer safe and come in many different sizes.

Door Rack

For apartment dwellers who simply do not have the room to store their food, the door rack offers a simple solution to a growing problem. These inexpensive organizers are hung from the top of the door and can be used to store and/or organize anything from canned goods to pastas to snacks. Door racks are sold in a variety of sizes and each wire basket is adjustable. Most of them can safety hold up to forty pounds. Just make sure you know their weight limit before you start stacking.

Wine Racks

Most cooks use wine in their dishes, or else they simply drink it. But because it can stain almost any surface, wine can be a pain to find a place for. Small countertop racks are fine for a few unopened bottles, but it you have to store a case or more, you will need a free standing wine rack. The model we reviewed held an impressive 44 bottles. It was made of wrought iron and was quite distinctive. If you have small children, however, a free standing model may not be a good choice. Not unless you can find a safe place for it.

Take these great organizing products into consideration before getting your messy kitchen in order!

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