When you make a decision about setting a goal for yourself, make sufficient research to be able to build an efficient plan targeted to reach your gaol, but do not discuss it with friends and family. Do not rely on anyone but yourself when you make a decision, which will change your life. If you discuss a life changing decision, with other people, you actually want to share it with someone else to not have to take full responsibility, in case things don’t work out as expected. This is one reason why other people will come up with lots of contra arguments. What would you say, if someone asks you, if he should become an entrepreneur? You will probably say that he could become successful and rich, but he could also lose everything and that he should think it over well. You can’t make a decision for another person. Just think about it!

If you say to a friend or family member that you don’t know if you should establish a company or not, what do you expect that person to say? They will see the decision you have to make from their point of view, which is very different from yours. It is your decision and if you are not able to make it leave it!

When I announced that I went to Vienna and matriculated at the Vienna School of Economics, others could not say very much more than: What? And: My god, so much effort! I did not ask anyone what they think about my decision or if they would do it or not. I did it!

I learned to make a website and after I published it, I send the URL to some friends, saying that this was my website. I did not receive any response. When I met one of those friends, he meant that this website is a lot of work and that he would never put so much effort into something. Would I have asked anyone what he or she thinks about making a website and a blog, they would have told me that they would never do something like this, that it is too time consuming and that they can’t imagine to come up with another topic for an article every day. They might have talked me out of doing it. I might have questioned if it is really a good idea. Frankly, I did not know how much work it is. I made the decision to make a website, bought a program, with which I build the website and began doing it.

If you talk about a goal and plans to reach it with other people, they will make you aware of all kinds of risks, which will never come up if you do not start to think of them. You would put energy into several different results, instead of focusing on only one and this is to accomplish what you have planned. A talk with others about a specific goal will very possibly stop your euphoria about it and will raze the most important ingredient you need to succeed and this is the frequency of vibration activated by your euphoria. This from your euphoria activated frequency of vibration will attract the result which you expect. The moment a seed against your expectation is planted into your mind, a failure is almost inevitable. Your subconscious mind can’t deny what friends and family are telling you. It is programmed by information put into it. This is why you should prevent to get negative information into your mind.

Most other people, even if their advice is meant well, have a negative effect on your decision making and on the result and this is why I suggest that you don’t rely on any other person’s advice. I urge you to make proper research, which is easily done by internet, but don’t discuss it with friends.

Decide yourself if you will do something or not and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. I suggest you keep your goal to yourself and if other people see what you are doing and start to let you know all their pro and contra, tell them strictly that this is your business and they should keep out of it.

If you make the decision about a goal on your own, you will put all your effort into reaching it.. Rely on your own exertion. Prevent to be influenced by others, who do not intent to reach the goal which you set for yourself. It depends on how the person, to whom you announce your decision about reaching a specific goal, is willing to support you. If you are connected to a person who will support you to stick to your plans, it will be a positive influence. But people who want others to succeed are seldom. It might work out if this person sees an advantage for himself if you reach your goal.

If you set yourself a goal, which will lead you to success in life, most friends will try to stop you as they fear to lose you, which will quite certainly happen. If your friends spend their leisure time without a goal in mind, while you are building a company, your friends will financially and socially stay were you and they are now, but you will have changed your life profoundly. Do you want to go on with your life without any big change and later in life envy those who have made a decision, got active and became successful, or do you want to go for it, reach your big goal and become successful?

I remember having read in an annual report of Norsk Hydro, a large industry in Norway, on the first page a sentence written by the founder: Would I have listened to the advice of my family, friends, lawyers and banks, Norsk Hydro would not exist today.” Ever since I read that, I have made my decisions on my own and let no one talk me out of it. I took risks and not everything went well. But I took responsibility for my life and do not regret any decision I made myself. In one case I have listened to someone else and it turned into a disaster.

Make your decisions on your own, keep your goals to yourself and follow them as you have planned until you have reached them. Make it a habit to make your own decisions when it comes to your life.

Author's Bio: 

Christa Herzog (PhD) has studied economics, worked in international business, changed her life completely after a tragedy. She had interest to personal development already during her university studies and then began to study the subject intensively. She declares that as in health also in personal development one can only be successful if body and mind are jointly integrated. To achieve a lasting change in one area of life one has to consider changes in other areas. Her Website http://www.christaherzog.com focuses on a holistic approach when making a major life change.