New parents may find it difficult to retain friendships. If most of your friends are not parents and especially if they are single, they may not understand how your life has changed. That can leave you feeling isolated and lonely, even depressed. If that describes your life, it is time to get out and about in Bradford and make friends more understanding of your changed circumstances.

Everyone knows (at least, everyone who has ever had children knows) that once you become a parent, your life changes, but that not everything you do from that point onwards has to revolve around your children or being a parent. Particularly if you are a single parent without a partner, you may feel the need to make friends more acutely than ever.

Here are some ways you can make friends in Bradford, after becoming a parent.

1. Maintain friendships with your antenatal group

This is particularly good for new mothers, as no-one will understand your circumstances better than another new Mum. You can meet up at each other’s’ houses or a child-friendly café or pub. You can then be a mutual support mechanism for each other, talking over the challenges of parenthood, but you can also form a good social group. You could babysit for each other to allow you to go out in Bradford so you have other opportunities to make friends.

2. Baby gym or swimming lessons

These days, cities like Bradford offer numerous opportunities for you to go to classes with your baby or toddler, such as the baby gym, swimming lessons and even music sessions. They will also give you a chance to make friends with young parents like you. You will also feel relaxed that your baby will be welcome, so you can just concentrate on having fun and bonding with your baby.

3. Keep Fit

If you have just had a baby, and your young friends are busy off clubbing and living the life you had just a few short months ago, you may feel very lonely. Add to that the infamous baby brain and your struggle to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight and your self-esteem can plummet.

This can make it harder to make friends as you don’t feel confident around other people, but, looked at another way; it can offer you an opportunity. Within Bradford you will find several gentle exercise classes suitable for getting rid of your baby bump. Just pick something appropriate and gentle and you will be fine. The women in the class may also have gone there to make friends so arrange to meet up later for coffee, some shopping or just a gossip. You both have babies so you should be sympathetic if baby has to come too, but also you can take advantage of having a babysitter for the class so that you spend a few minutes after the class to grab a coffee together and a chat.

Dads also need to readjust to parenthood and it can be difficult when having a baby doesn’t fit in with their previous lad culture. If you’re a young Dad looking to make friends in Bradford, the local sports club or swimming pool is a good place to start. You may be lucky enough to find Dad and child swimming sessions but remember too that a parent is not all that you are. It is OK to go and burn off some energy on a squash court or in a local football league and sports centers are good places to make friends.

So there you have three ways in which new Mums and Dads can make friends in Bradford, with or without the kids in tow.

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