Ways to Make Friends in Glasgow

Friendships are very important in our lives. However, many people find it difficult to make friends and to keep them. All kinds of events like moving to live in a new area, starting a new job or a change in our family circumstances through having children or getting divorced can all mean that we lose touch with people we once knew and have to make friends with other people. This can be made even harder if you are shy or don’t really know how to make friends, especially if you find yourself living in a large city like Glasgow.

However, with a little knowledge and some practice of your social skills, you can make friends in Glasgow or any other place. Here’s how:

1. Make yourself ready for friendship

First, you need to think about why you want to make friends in Glasgow and what kinds of friends you wish to make. Be understanding with people, rather than demanding. You don’t have to make friends solely with people who have exactly the same attitudes and interests to you; in fact, these people would be difficult to find even if you look for them far outside Glasgow. Be tolerant of people and their different views to yours. You may find you want to make friends with them despite these differences, and if you don’t, you don’t need to have anything else to do with them and their different viewpoints can’t harm you at all.

2. Treat other people well

We all know the ways that we like to be treated. A good start when you want to make friends is to treat people the way you would like to be treated: with respect, fairness and a cheerful attitude. People will be attracted to that and more likely to make friends with you as you are good to be around.

3. Be patient

Glasgow is a big city with a varied population. You are bound to meet people with whom you want to make friends. It’s important to be patient and not rush friendships. Make plans to meet again and let a relationship develop naturally. Don’t put your trust in people fully until you see they are worthy of that trust.

4. Don’t gossip or criticise

Even in a big city like Glasgow, word will get around about people, but no-one likes a gossip. Don’t be the person spreading rumours about other people; that is no way to make friends. If you don’t like something you hear about someone, just make up your own mind as to whether you still want to make friends with them, but don’t spread it further.

5. Stick to your morals

You will want to make friends with people who have similar morals to you. Don’t act in a certain way just to fit in and make friends in Glasgow. You won’t, ultimately, be happy that way.

6. Go places to meet people

There are some places that are better than others in which to make friends. Work is a good place in which to start making friends and this will help you all the more if you have been moved to Glasgow for work and do not know anyone in the area. Open yourself up to social opportunities like going for drinks after work on a Friday or celebrating colleagues’ birthdays at lunchtimes. Join a group linked to your interests such as conservation, walking, a sport etc. There are many such opportunities in Glasgow. You could also do some voluntary work in your local area of Glasgow and make friends that way too.

If you approach it the right way, there are many opportunities to make friends in Glasgow.

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