In our lifetime, there are only a few celebrations that we cherish and one of the most important is getting married. This will be the day that the couple will be saying their vows to each other in front of the people who matter to them most. Therefore, we, as friends, should partake in the process of making that special day even more memorable. One of the ways we can do it is to give gifts.

When giving gifts, the first thing to remember is to give something that the couple will appreciate. When we pick the gifts, make sure to focus on the receiver's tastes or preferences rather than focusing on yours. This way, we can be sure that our gifts can really make a difference as we try to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to them on their most special day. If you want to try giving something new that you haven't given any wedded couple in the past, try the following:

All Expenses Paid One Night At a Luxury Suite will be a great gift that you can give to newly weds. Don't expect, however, that they will spend it for their honeymoon because they might have something planned for it already. Make sure the date is open.

Vases or paintings are excellent wedding gifts. Though many people don't find value in these things, the couple will surely do. These are great additions in their house so that it will look cozy and homey. If the couple is fond of art then, giving a painting would be great. In the future, they can look at the painting and reminisce about the time they got married or think about you for giving that special gift.

Gift Certificate - Just a few days after the marriage or on their honeymoon night, you could give each of them a gift certificate for a restaurant or spa in the location where they will be having their honeymoon. As this night would be unforgettable for the two of them, so will the gift that you will be giving them.

These are just some ideas you can explore when thinking about what to give as a wedding gift. But while they are great as presents, nothing beats the presence of truly loving family, relatives, and friends during the couple's big day. These are just gifts to make their special day extra special but your presence will still be the most beautiful gift you could ever give them.

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The cool wedding gifts are, indeed, not the expensive ones but the ones we give from the heart. Unique wedding gifts are the most perfect examples of what heartfelt giving is all about. When you spend time thinking about or creating a gift, that in itself is a gift that no expensive item you can pick from a store can match.