To get pregnant, you must start making love at the right time. And then how to optimize the chances of pregnancy? In this respect, the most wacky advice abound. Is there an ideal sexual position? The orgasm he promotes fertilization? Overview to give a little boost to chance.

First of all, general advice on healthy living can help you (see our article Ten tips to boost your fertility) to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. But we must then master the practice ...

Good time

First, we must determine the right time: the report must be made in times close to ovulation, ie when the release of an egg fertilized in the womb. In general, it is around the 14th day of the cycle (counting from the first day of enstruation). But the best is to use our application temperature curve. Must then try to make love as often as possible between the third day before and on the third day after ovulation. And for men, it is advisable in the three days before this date to abstain from, to maintain a high rate of sperm.

Small precision terminate a misconception: the act of making love before ovulation for a girl and the day of or after ovulation for a boy not based on any scientific basis.

The ideal position

First, we must recognize that the ideal position to get pregnant is a myth! But in any case it seems better not to have gravity against itself, and therefore focus on positions that will bring the sperm close to the cervix. Even if the sperm can
swim in all positions, and will run only through chemical signals, as their task easier! The missionary position is ideal with all variants where the woman is lying on her back or side, as for example open flower. The greyhound may also be suitable, as long as you manage change position! Avoid, however, the union or the lotus position and Andromache all configurations with the woman on the man.

The desire to pleasure

First, it should be noted that ovulation and orgasm are completely independent. An egg ready to be fertilized is produced each cycle, not only if you have an orgasm at the time of ovulation. However, some experts claim that the fact that the woman would reach the seventh heaven to spend more sperm into the uterus, through the contractions. In all cases, if the orgasm is not a necessary condition, it is not a cons-indication for fertilization, so no need to miss out on!

Headstand Position

After the romp, you need to start doing a headstand! The sperm can not enter the uterus like a funnel! These are the sperm close to the cervix which will cross by swimming. By cons, it is advisable not to get up immediately and stay on the back ten minutes: so give them the chance to spend more. Some gynecologists advise and put a pillow under the pelvis, or put your feet on the wall. But nothing is proven in the field. In any case, no question of going douching, risk kill sperm.

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