In article marketing you must keep in mind that your purpose is to gain your prospects' trust and confidence. Trust and confidence in you will convert to interest in you and what you have to offer. In order to accomplish this, your article must be powerful enough to get the prospect to view your website and join your business and/or give you permission to continue sending them your e-mail messages.

With this in mind, here are 7 key items to consider when composing your articles:

1. Your article must provide value. It should give the prospect something that will enrich his/her life. Make it clear that your information is the potential answer or solution to their problems. They must be made to feel that they can only get this from you and you alone. This takes a great deal of wit and craftiness because you don't want to come across as to "salesy". This will create resistance to your whole program. The value of the information you provide should be designed to entice them to look at your website.

2. Determine your target audience (people who are most likely to read your article and join your business). It is Important to remember that everyone is not going to be interested in your business. This is why your article must be one that provides its readers with enrichment and value regardless as to whether they join your business or not.

3. Do some market research on your target audience to find out what they really want. This will help you build article titles that will immediately tell your prospects that you can possibly help them achieve their goals. Not only will this enable you to write powerful articles, but it will put you in the light of an expert.

4. It is important for you to write your articles so that your prospects come after you for what you have to offer them. Write your articles from the position of giving your prospects what they want. This is the best way to ensure that you'll reach your target audience.

5. With a great deal of finesse and craftiness, let your prospects see you in your articles. Not your, name, not your product, or your company, but your genuine desire to help them achieve a goal or to enrich their lives or to make money. Even to give their families everything they desire.

6. When writing your articles, and if possible, give specific, research based and data driven information. This will show your prospects that your information is not based on what you think, but on facts, research and data.

7. Although you want to provide value and enrichment, it is important to remember that you are engaged in marketing. And as such, you want your message to get the prospect to respond. You want to motivate them into action and make it quick and easy for them to do so. Create a sense of urgency. The point is to give them a reason to view your website and seek additional information. Let them know that now is the time to take action and improve their lives - every second of delay exacerbates their situation.

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Hello, this is Otis Brown. I'd like to remind everyone that article marketing is a key component to the success of marketing your business. Remember that creativity is of the utmost importance when writing your articles. Offer your readers something that only you can offer them. Focus on what research and data say they truly want. Let your article show you as an expert in your niche. Give them a strong call to action and encourage them to take action now. For complete and detailed marketing techniques please visit