One easy way to make money online is to go to the Guru website and bid on various types of projects. The sponsor of the project then decides which bid, if any, to accept. If you were just starting out, this would be a part-time activity. If you develop a reputation for accurate work done in a timely manner, you might be able to make money on full-time basis.

You would be a freelance worker for the employers that use Guru. These types of projects are available:

*Admin Support
*Business Consulting
*Engineering & CAD
*Fashion & Interior Designs
*Finance & Accounting
*Graphic Design & Multimedia
*Illustration & Art
*Marketing & Communications
*Networking & Telephone Systems
*Photography & Videography
*Programming & Databases
*Sales & Telemarketing
*Websites & Ecommerce
*Writing, Editing & Translation

After signing up with Guru, this is how to make money through them:

1. Decide which membership level to use. The Basic level is free, but only allows ten bids a month. Also, you have to pay for any skill tests you take. The Guru level has a monthly charge, but allows 100 bids a month. Besides, you can take all the skill texts you want for free. (I recommend using the Basic level at first.)

2. Create a profile for yourself. This would include your skill category, and five skill subcategories and industries that show your skills and experience. To demonstrate your skills, you can take tests, upload work samples and videos, and show a link to your website (Guru membership level only). You can also include your resume, and other information for employers to review.

3. When looking for work, you can search for projects and/or receive e-mails describing projects that fit your skills. Then you can submit a proposal for any project that interests you. The employer will evaluate your bid based on your price, skills, and work history.

4. Guru has a SafePay Escrow Service. You can request that the employer place a deposit with Guru before you begin work on the project. The other option is to bill the employer through Guru. This is not as safe for you as using the escrow method. So you probably would not choose this method, unless the employer has a history of timely payments for projects completed.

5. You deliver your work to the employer for review. Depending on the size of the project, this could be either on a piecemeal basis or upon project completion. In any case, you must complete the work to the satisfaction of the employer. However, Guru has an arbitration system that can mediate between you and the employer.

6. If your work is satisfactory to the employer, then you can receive partial payments as various milestones are reached. In the case of a small project, you would be paid when the project is completed and accepted by the employer. Guru takes a commission out of your earnings.

Guru reports that they have more than $100 million in completed transactions. These are payments from the employers to the freelance workers. Here is their website:

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