As the green movement gains momentum, nothing compliments it more than energy deregulation. Energy deregulation in and of itself, requires local utility companies that have, for decades, monopolized the supply of gas and electricity to residential and commercial customers, to allow smaller companies to supply gas and electricity to those same customers. This phenomenon has created a tremendous opportunity for multi-level-marketers to earn a substantial passive residual income.

Energy deregulation has led to the birth of smaller companies that can be more focused on the contents of the gas and electricity they supply. They can do this because deregulation also allows them to use the delivery mechanisms already set up by existing companies.

If you are a multi-level-marketer looking to cash in on this opportunity, you'll want to join a company that aggressively supports the green movement, while giving you an opportunity to make money and help save the environment. Needless to say, there are many things to consider when selecting a company. But, if you can find one that fosters the four key components outlined below, you will realize financial independence. It goes without saying that no matter which company you choose, you must have a home based business profit blueprint in place to support your marketing efforts.

These are the four key components your multi-level-marketing green energy company must have:

1. Purpose/Core Values. The company's purpose must be to provide greener energy at an affordable price that will allow Independent Associates and customers to make a difference in the environment and their personal lives by simply switching energy providers. The company's Core Values should include:

· Environmental Sustainability - creating a culture that fosters the delivery of a greener product.
· Empowerment - providing the opportunity for Independent Associates to impact the environment and improve their own lives
· Reliability - provide energy that is as reliable as the local utility, complemented by superior customer service
· Integrity - commitment to the highest standards of ethics in business operations and environmental stewardship
· Customer Focus - provide helpful, knowledgeable service that is tailored to the needs of the customer.

2. Affordably Green Energy Service. In order to promote an increased usage of renewable energy and the development of renewable products, many states have adopted Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). An RPS is a statewide benchmark for the percentage of electricity that must come from green, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. The company must foster continued development of renewable resources largely driven by the adoption of these standards.

As many states continue to work toward green energy solutions and higher renewable standards, the company should lead the way with a commitment to a minimum standard of at least 20% green energy in all markets. By using the company's products, customers will support currently available renewable resources as well as aid the development of new renewable resources to be built in the U.S. The company should track the collective reduction in carbon emissions from their family of customers. Working together and making simple choices, contributions can be made to the reduction of global pollution.

As a result, everyone will feel better about contributing to protecting the environment. This will lead to many widespread benefits. Some of these benefits include:

* Environmental improvement
* Increased diversity and security of energy supply
* Lower natural gas prices
* Reduced volatility of power prices
* Local economic development

3. Make A Difference. The company should be more than just a company. It should be a vehicle for making a difference in the world. The difference should be seen on many levels for all the people the company impacts. First, it should make a difference on a daily basis for our customers and independent Associates. It should make a difference for the thousands of customers who have chosen greener, more affordable energy. And the company should make a difference for the many independent Associates who are building a long-term, sustainable business simply by helping their friends and family to switch to greener energy.

4. Referral Program. Once you've decided to switch to a greener energy supplier, it is only natural to begin thinking of the many people in your own life who would love to hear about an opportunity to save money and help protect the environment through one simple and powerful choice. The company should offer you and others like you the power to grow personally and professionally through an excellent business opportunity.

As your family of Associates grow, you will be helping the company spread their vision with many new people, all while earning a powerful income for yourself. Earning money will be simple: you earn money by helping customers switch their energy supplier and you earn money by mentoring others to do the same.

If the company you choose contains all of the above, it will serve as the vehicle to sustainable, long-term, residual income. You will be rewarded for your hard work and dedication, enabling you to create a powerful business and a wonderful future for yourself. For the total Home Business Profit Blueprint that will lead to guaranteed success, you must visit:

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