It has been a constant struggle for companies whose products or services are not configured with a standard, ‘one size fits all’ pricing mode, to find an efficient and effective way to put together pricing quotes and develop customer proposals. Since traditional ‘hard code’ pricing software could not be used for these projects, proposal generation and subsequent proposal management is consistently a complex and time-consuming process.

Previously, organizations were forced to either work through each proposal manually or develop an in-house proposal generation software. The former is a tedious, time consuming and often highly error ridden process, where as the later requires development resources that most organizations simply do not have. A welcome solution comes in the form of EASA software’s proposal development software.

EASA’s proposal writing and management software allows an organization to automate as much of this process as possible through a custom built and intuitive interface. In most cases a certain number of numerical amounts will be consistent across all proposals. proposal writing software will automate these, as well as any other information or data that is consistent across proposals. EASA software, for example, allows the user to set up certain custom pricing structures which can be automated to cut down on unneeded administrative work.

EASA’s applications are precisely tailored to fit the way each organization’s proposal generation process works. This allows it to be highly configurable and maximize ease and efficiency of use. Field can be added or deleted, different viewers or users can be allowed access both the review and edit. These abilities drastically reduce turn around time, ensuring that your proposal gets on your customer’s desk prior to your competitors.

EASA’s proposal generation software also aids communication between all parties involved in developing the proposal. Typically, the process of generating a proposal for a highly configurable product or service requires input from multiple individuals, in multiple locations, through a wide variety of communications channels including email, spreadsheets and other files and both in person and teleconferences. Without proposal generating software, this often inefficient process is highly manual, making it difficult to avoid inconsistent methods, human errors and the loss of knowledge. It also adds considerable time to the overall turn around time of a proposal. Overall inefficient communication means lost time and money!

With EASA multiparty communication becomes a more consistent, error-proof process. It can be customized to allow multiple various levels of access to different parties depending on the needs of the project and easily allows tracking of all contributions and edits. Not only does this aid efficiency, but also security.

From automation, to customization to communication, proposal generating software, such as that from EASA can revolutionize how a company operates and the easy and efficiency that new proposals are generate. Less time with burdensome paperwork and more time to focus on what you do best, making, selling and servicing your product and customer.

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