Every year, before the beginning of the New Year, we make a list of resolutions for the next year. Some write them down, some keep them in head, but almost everyone wishes to be a better person in the year that follows or in future life, generally. The point is that many of these resolutions stay unfulfilled and we feel little bit disappointed from ourselves every year. Motivation experts declare that we actually concentrate ourselves on things that we don’t want to do – stop smoking, become vegetarian, exercise more... They suggest that instead, we should make resolutions for things we want to do, resolutions for things that will make us happy, so we will be more motivated to commit to them. It’s time to do resolution makeover, and here are few things that should be considered while you’re setting your New Year’s goals. Maybe these makeover games would be the hardest ones you’ll ever take but they are worth to try.

- Analyze how you spend your time, see if there is something that should be rearranged in a way to have more time to do the things that you really want to do. Find more time for yourself and for the people you love. Realise the trip that you’ve been planning for so long, visit your childhood friend, take a long bubble bath, these things are important!

- Managing money is also difficult as managing time. If your goal is to save money, decide what you really want to use your money for. Make a specific aim - set a goal of x amount of dollars to go on that trip and know exactly how much you are trying to save each month but be realistic

- We spend most of our day working so it’s better to do something that you like. Make an insight of your job; is this the job that leads you to where you want to be? You should not stay in a place that doesn’t satisfy your aspirations for yourself. It may seem scary to start but resolve to take your career into your own hands.

- It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money in your bank account if you don’t have supportive and fulfilling relationships. These things will do more for your well being so love, give more, be open-hearted and gracious.

- Your health is probably the most important thing, because you can’t do all these things without it. Conceive that health is really important, don’t “live healthy” just because you’re “supposed” to. It’s deeper – do it because you value your health and understand that your well being is important to those you love.

So now is time to start thinking about you resolutions for 2010, so fill your list with things that make you very happy.

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Graduated philologist in comparative literature, born in Skopje, Macedonia. I find writing as one of the most appropriate ways to express myself and I like when it appears useful for the others as well.