Reporting the hierarchical relationships within your company is as important as running it, as it helps newly hired people understand how everything within the office works. Organizational charts come in handy to make such relations. But it gets tricky when it comes to adding extensive data to these charts. 

Luckily, you can use drawing software to make things simpler and easier. But the real deal is that not all are designers. Plus, sometimes, the deadlines are a nightmare. The good news is that there is software with built-in org charts, like EdrawMax. It features hundreds of chart-specific symbols and ready-made templates to simplify the process, even for newbies. 

Check out this detailed guide on how to draw organizational charts.

Template for Organizational Charts in EdrawMax

WonderShare EdrawMax templates are a solution to quick chart-making. These ready-made templates make the creation experience simpler for anyone in a hurry. So, whether it is functional, flat, or multi-divisional charts, the EdrawMax template community has all designs uploaded. All you need to do is find the closest match to your requirements and make changes.

The good thing about these templates for organizational charts are fully customizable. Users can utilize its built-in themes, symbol designs, and colors to personalize the designs according to the company’s structure. So, you aren't copying anyone's work if you don't want to.

Make Organizational Charts in 5 Simple Steps on EdrawMax

The org chart function in EdrawMax offers hundreds of intriguing editable templates. All these examples have useful categories for finding the perfect match for your task needs. Here is how you can create a chart using the organizational chart templates.

  1. Open the EdrawMax in your browser or download a desktop version. Now, enter the login information to start creating your diagrams.

  2. Once logged in, click Templates > Organizational Charts from the main menu. Some ready-made editable model examples will appear on your screen.

  3. Select any suitable template that suits your requirements and click Use Immediately. It will open on a new editing page.

  4. Here, you can change its design, symbols, and themes as per your need.

  5. Once the chart is ready, you get more than 14 export options, including PNG, JPG, HTML, etc. Choose one and save your chart.

Or, you can make an organizational chart from scratch. Here is how to do that:

  1. Go to the Main Menu > New > Organizational Chart. A new blank space will appear.

  2. Now, drag and drop field boxes from the left-side symbol library. You can also use the floating buttons surrounding these boxes to add subordinates.

  1. Fill out these fields. There is an option to modify if you find these field options limited. Click Org Chart > Define Field > Modify from the top menu. 

  2. Finally, finish off the chart by changing the symbol style and adding colors to your diagram.

If you are creating a chart that has an extensive information structure, it supports an Import Data Function. It allows you to import the data file from the computer. Here is how to do it. 

  1. Go to the main menu and click New > Org Chart > Add Icon.  

  2. Click the File Menu > Data Import on the top-left menu of the editing panel. Next, import an XSL file and arrange the reporting authorities from the pop-up menu. 

  1. The chart is ready. Finish it off by modifying its color, theme, and layout. 

Why Choose EdrawMax to Create Organizational Charts?

EdrawMax organizational chart maker has a smart UI interface. All the tools, symbols, and other options are easily accessible in its new settings panels. Also, it features a large symbol library for you to build hierarchical connections. So, here is why you should use this drawing tool to make an org chart. 

●     Ready-Made Templates: EdrawMax provides hundreds of customizable templates to kickstart your project. All you need to do is select the one that is closest to your task requirements. You can also change the layout and color pellet of each chart.

●     Extensive Symbol Library: EdrawMax has over 26000 symbols for different diagrams. Users can build connections by dragging and dropping these symbols on the canvas. Also, all these shapes are accessible from the left-side toolbar. The best part is that you can have your personal library. If you previously designed a new symbol, you can add it to your library for future use. Hence, making work faster and easier.

●  Collaboration: EdrawMax is a cloud-based application that supports real-time collaboration. Designers can tag other team members who can leave comments and edit the diagrams in real time. It’s best if you want an expert opinion on your charts.

● Import Data Function: EdrawMax has a smart import data function. It is useful for processing large and complicated chunks of information in your diagram.

●    Presentation: This tool has a smart preview function. It allows you to present your diagrams slides to other members. To enable this mode, press F5 and the design will open in full-screen.

●    Different File Format: EdrawMax allows users to export the org charts in various formats. Choose the preferred format from PNG, JPG, PDF, HTML, Word, and Visio, and click Export.


Having an organizational chart for your company can help newly hired people understand the organization's structure. Hence, it must possess well-defined information structures of the reporting authorities – all drawn clearly. But it gets tricky and challenging to add extensive information manually in an org chart. 

Here, it makes sense to go for software that allows you to import data from your computer directly to create a chart. However, all the good options are paid.  The good news is that I have got my hands on the EdrawMax free version. It has different methods to make these charts, and each one of them only takes five minutes.

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