Polyurethane technique of coating the materials has been used for many things since the World war second. This is also well- known as the technology of the future where the polyurethanes will turn into solid form along with the low volatile organic compounds.

Water borne polyurethane not only contains coatings with low (Volatile Organic Compound) VOC content, but it is also helpful in maintaining the odor. It is not that this chemical coating does not contain any kind of smell but it does contain low odor than other products polyurethane. It is easy to clean them with the help of the water. The acceptance of these chemical coatings upshots from polyurethane's intrinsic versatility, the tremendous roughness it carries, even with the products such as corrosion resistance and the chemical solvent that mixes easily are inherently brought with these coatings. These Polyurethanes topcoats are well- known for protecting the products from the most striking UV resistance.

These polyurethanes come in two different forms, Aromatic and Aliphatic Polyurethane respectively. But the first one, the Aromatic Polyurethane does not give you protection from the UV resistance thus its sure that the color of the thing will change within a span of time and will have a different faded appearance in their look and are less expensive than their counterpart Aliphatic Polyurethane. An aliphatic coating is not like Aromatic coatings and does not change their color unlike its counterpart. They are even UV resistant which help them to stay colorful for longer time.

Polyurethane is used in the making of supple firmed foam separation panels; micro cellular foamed seals and even gaskets are used in coating. For things like durable and long lasting elastomeric wheels and durable tires; suspension of the automotive bushings; for electrical things like bagging the compounds; giving the better performance in the use of adhesives; in the coatings of the surfaces and the synthetic fibers.

Many of the homeowner’s use coating of waterborne polyurethane as it is capable to resist the chemical pills .Polyurethanes can even provide the protection in the application of the thicknesses of the coating. They are even designed to bring out the thick and flexible coating. It is the planned urethane linkages which helps in making the "backbone" of polymer and provide support to it determining the nature and characteristics of the polyurethane. Considering the wide-ranging belongings and uses of polyurethane coatings, they are easily applied with wide range of application equipment such as hair brush, roller, Body Spray or inflammable spray used for fragrance.

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