It is your wedding day and granted that you have big plans for the day, starting with choosing your wedding dress, your wedding cake, picking out the menu for the lunch/dinner as well as making sure that all the centerpiece arrangements are perfect. But the more important thing that you may want to think about is about your wedding cars, and in picking out the right transportation company. With so many vendors out there, picking out one amongst the many could be downright difficult. That’s why, we have compiled a few tips that you can use to select the right transportation company, to chauffeur you and your guests around, on the special day.

  • Do the research
  • The first thing that you may want to do is to conduct some research online, you may want to search for “London Chauffeur Company”, and this should provide you with more than a few local vendors. Now, check out their online reviews and see what their other customers had to say about their services and if they are indeed, as good as they claim to be. You may also want to work out how many cars you need for the big day, but that depends more on the size of your wedding, and once you know how many cars you require, you can talk to these vendors to providing you with a discounted rate as well.

  • The duration
  • This is something that you need to think about; most wedding car vendors are often time-bound and generally rent their cars for the day, for a select few hours. However, the car companies that you want to target are the ones that allow you to extend the duration without a hassle. It is your big day and chances are that you may already be running a bit late. So you would need to add in extra few hrs to the duration that you need the cars for, just to be on the safe side.

  • Chauffeur/self-driven
  • There are even a few companies that specialize in renting out cars for the wedding but allow both yourself and your guests to drive the cars on your own. Of course, this entails signing an agreement to where you accept responsibility for the car, during this duration. Just check out “wedding car hire London”, and you can check with the various vendors as to whether they permit you to drive their cars if that is what you are interested in.

  • Reputation
  • It is vital that you check to see if the car company is a good one; most of the online reviews left by other customers should give you a good idea of the same. The fact is that you need to hire a car company that can be depended on to get both you and your dad to the venue on time and to ensure that they make sure that all the other guests get their well ahead of the scheduled time for the wedding.

  • Vintage cars
  • Yes, renting out vintage cars for the big day can be interesting and it would certainly help make your day stand out. But unless the car has been properly maintained, vintage cars often have this tendency to break down and may not just be worth the extra price tag.

    These are some of the things that you may want to ponder about when choosing a reputable car company to provide you with adequate transportation services for the big day. There are quite a few options right across the board, and you just need to spend some time sorting through the various car companies. And remember, you can ask the company in question to provide you with discounted rates if you opt to hire three or more cars for the big day, that’s due to roll around soon.

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