Undoubtedly yoga is one of the best ways to relax, release stress, offer flexibility and of course ward-off that stored fat. If you follow this ancient practice regularly for 15 minutes every day, you can notice miraculous results. Furthermore, to help you get most of the yoga we have come up with this guide featuring some of the best poses. Apart from the poses we also share specific tips to maximize your gains from yoga for weight loss. Get ready to burn your fat without breaking into a sweat!

Our Top Asana Picks in Yoga for Weight Loss!

Vasisthasana (Side Plank)

the side plank pose

It is a great exercise when you want to work on your abs and focus on losing weight. The benefits of this pose are indeed quite impressive. Along with developing arm and shoulder strength it also hardens abdomen and legs while enhancing coordination and balance.

Shirshasana (Headstand)

the headstand pose

Besides weight loss, the shirshasana strengthens your arms, legs and also the spine. Your digestion improves, the abdominal organs are toned, and you have a calming effect in the brain. It is a great stress-busting exercise.

Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)

the warrior pose

You have to stretch one of your legs towards the back and end up into a lunge with the other leg. Ensure the knee ends up at a ninety-degree angle and hands stretch perfectly joining together over the head. It not only betters the blood circulation but also works on your legs, thighs, arms, and back. Also, it rectifies your focus, balance and increases stability.

Nauka Chalan (Boat Pose)

boat pose for weight loss

After laying down on your back, you have to form a V-shaped position one that resembles a boat. Initially, start holding the pose for 10 seconds and increase the bar with time each day. With practice, you will be able to keep it for longer duration and effectively battle that stubborn belly fat. It further improves digestion and strengthens the abdomen and hip flexors.

Trikonasana (Triangular Pose)

the triangular pose

This asana cures your stress, backache and also takes care of your digestion. It also stimulates the organs that are in the abdomen. To perform it stand wide-legged and turn your right foot out. After that stretch your arms wide and ensure the right side of waistline is over your right leg. Gradually try touching your feet and maintain a flat back while looking downwards. The right palm should touch the ground or right foot, and the left arm should correctly stretch upwards. Repeat it with the other hand.

Quintessential Tips to Keep in Mind while Doing Yoga for Weight Loss

  • To begin, learn how yoga poses should be done and precisely do it.
  • The yoga mat should be of good quality to especially provide you with excellent support.
  • Most important of all, don’t practice yoga with your shoes on.
  • Ensure the clothes are a perfect fit, neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Keep the phone on silent mode or definitely a thousand miles away.
  • Keep your mind calm and try to meditate.
  • Work towards your breathing. Keep it stable and focus when you breathe in and breathe out. This will provide you the calmness you need to keep stress at bay.

If your well-being is your ultimate priority getting yourself to that yoga mat won’t be difficult. You can practice yoga for weight loss, flexibility, ache relief and to calm yourself whenever needed. The tips shared above give you the crux of every yoga session. Besides getting the poses right, you should also keep a check on what you eat. It should further include counting your portion size. To make the most of yoga for weight loss, you have to also keep your eating habits in good control.

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