Make the Right Choices

Every choice that we make in life whether it is big or small has consequences attached to it. We are not in control of everything that happens in life but the overall responsibility is ours. The sum of our choices generally is the reason that we are in whatever place that we are in today.

Sometimes a choice doesn’t have to be a bad choice to put us in a bad situation. You may choose to take a different route to work one day and wind up in an accident. We can’t say that the choice to go a different route was bad but it certainly had negative consequences.

When I was in high school I was in the Army ROTC program. We had a cadet that our Sergeant rode constantly. I thought that the Sergeant had a personal vendetta but now years later I understand why his attitude was the way that it was. This friend made bad decisions every day. When it was time to be serious he chose to play. When it was time to listen he chose to talk instead. When it was time for class he chose to skip and hang out in other places. His choices were not good for him or the rest of us. Those very choices would serve to take him out of the blessings of life (and they did).

The Sergeant had been around for a long time and had seen many people come and go. He knew the course that this young man’s life would take and he also knew that it was improbable that this young man would make the drastic change needed to go in the right direction.

We have to carefully monitor the time that we spend dealing with those who insist on doing things the wrong way. It’s fine to want to help someone but there is a point of no return. When you realize that your actions aren’t going to help them anytime soon cut your losses and move on to the one who will actually accept your help. There are plenty of people out there who can and will benefit from our help and advice so we shouldn’t waste precious time on those who don’t want it.

Life is tricky and sometimes situations present themselves one way then ambush us later on. Sometimes things are just way out of our control and just happen the wrong way but I will still maintain that our lot in life is the result of our own decisions.

I like to watch sports and I have made a conclusion from watching many hours of football. The team that wins is the best team on that day. You may ask about bad calls but bad calls are a part of the game. If a team has come up with the right game plan practiced it, and correctly executed it that team will win. One or two bad plays or bad plays shouldn’t stop them because their preparation and execution should override a few mistakes. If they are extra diligent they can overcome a bad decision or a poor play. The same thing is true of life. No matter where we are, as long as we are alive we can begin to make the right choices and override some of the negatives which we may have experienced.

I know people who make the choice to not be organized. They always suffer because they constantly lose or misplace things which they should have. They never seem to want to make the choice to be organized.

We make hundreds of choices each day which ultimately determine the outcome of our lives. The sum of each choice makes up a small piece of the puzzle. The choice to not be organized affects different events of your day. This ultimately affects the tone of your day. I have learned to not allow unorganized people to put me on their bus. I am not going to search for your keys when you didn’t take the time to put them up in the first palce. I have bigger fish to fry and you have bigger fish that you could be frying if you had made a good choice initially. Riceland Enterprises

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