We can easily earn more money, if we are willing to apply ourselves, develop meaningful relationships at any time during our lives or acquire abundant possessions, trinkets and treasures. There is an endless supply of these available to us, at all times. Time, energy and health on the other hand, are the fundamental raw materials of life, which you can choose to use wisely, waste or even kill. As the supply of these is limited in the context that we use them, treat your time, energy and health, as your most valuable possessions and invest them very wisely.

Take control of how you use your time
Action Idea: Make the conscious decision today, to finally take control, of how you apply your available time Believe that you can change your current poor time management habits, with far better activity management routines to get the most from your available time. Embrace the key disciplines of effectively managing your energy and activities within your available time, and you will gradually overcome your ingrained bad time management habits.

Expect and Prepare for Opportunity
Time and energy invested into preparing for opportunity is well spent, as preparation is fundamental to developing self-confidence and a resolute belief you need to have in your abilities, before you can start to travel the path towards sustainable long term success you desire. Success is achieved, when preparation meets opportunity. So invest time into growing, expanding and becoming the type of person you need to be to attract the success you desire, so that when opportunity finally crosses your path, and it will. You will be prepared to take advantage it. This is one investment, which can only grow exponentially and is free from the ravages of negative sentiment.

Taking advantage of Opportunity
When opportunity does come your way and it always does. Make sure that you have invested sufficient time to equip yourself with all the skills, knowledge and ability; you need, so that you can take advantage it. When taking advantage of any opportunity, make certain that you build a strategic plan. The more specific and detailed your plan, the easier it will be to make the most of every opportunity.

The amount of effort you put into your preparation before you attempt anything, is directly proportional to the level of success that you will enjoy and is the best way to maximize your results. Use the time other people are using to fill their lives with entertainment and escapism; to study, develop and practice the skills needed for excellence. Visualize everything in your head exactly the way you want it to happen and success will rise to meet you.

Using your Time Effectively
No matter how specific, focused, or perfect your plans may be, to deliver on your dreams.. Nothing meaningful can happen, until you develop and consistently apply an effective activity management routine in your life. Something amazing will happen, until you commit to take inspired action daily – NOTHING. A daily routine, which is built around positive success habits and disciplines, will equip you to effortlessly discover your brilliance and live your excellence.

Get off your Butt
Make a determined decision today to stop dawdling, avoiding taking the actions you know are necessary to succeed. Accept responsibility for success in your life. Make a start right NOW! Begin taking consistent small steps every day and you will eventually achieve the results you want.

Feed on your Successes
As you begin to see results, you will begin to absorb confidence and the positive feelings about your potential will grow. This will encourage you to take even more focused daily actions. Rewarding yourself for your successes, may at first feel a little uncomfortable, but this is one of the most crucial shifts you need to make to help you remain inspired. Learn to use your past successes to feed your inspiration and drive your willpower.

Making it work for you
Focus on prime projects during the prime time of your day and devote uninterrupted time slots to this endeavour. To achieve real and lasting success, you must create a schedule that includes large uninterrupted periods, for working on your most important projects. Your best work is done and your full potential achieved, when you perform during uninterrupted time frames.

Build a System for success
Action Idea: Review all your important thoughts, goals, projects and To-Do’s and record them into a highly organised and efficient system, which will allow you to detach from issues that you are unable to handle right now, yet allow you to have laser focus on tasks, commitments and projects that need to be completed right now. The highest levels of productivity and decision making ability occurs when we have a completely focused mind.

When you learn to leverage time to your advantage and you commit to carry out small focused meaningful tasks at predetermined times every day. You are setting yourself up to succeed at anything you desire. When you schedule your daily actions in time slots that I call “MEETINGS WITH YOUR FUTURE” you position time to become your ally and it will support your efforts to unlock your potential.

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