One Shot

Making the right first impression is very important in life. Especially when it really counts, like for job interviews, first dates, auditions, performances, and meeting important people. You definitely want to achieve a certain look, depending on the circumstances, to go along with your exclusive personality and the specific traits you want to convey. You want your appearance physically to match what you’ve got on the inside, as well. People make instant judgements, and what they think about you in those first few minutes tend to stick with them whenever you come to mind in the future. First impressions are paramount, and as they say; you only get one shot. 

Save Prep Time

Preparing for your first meeting with someone you want to make a good impression on can be tough. What you’re going to say, which outfit to wear, how much make-up should you put on and what colors to choose, and of course, how should you style your hair? Planning your prep-time is tricky, and easy to misjudge and therefore underestimate. Often, you end up scrambling and rushing at the end, resulting in making mistakes you regret later. Anything that can save you time is appreciated.

Easier To Manage

If you’ve never heard of The Lauren Ashtyn Collection and their line of gorgeous, luxurious human hair extensions that easily clip-in securely to your own hair in just seconds, then this is your introduction and wake-up call. Especially if you suffer from thin, lifeless hair or are always looking for ways to achieve a new and improved look, these hair toppers are for you. Unlike glue or sew-in methods that take all day in the salon chair for each application, and can cause real damage to your own hair, this clip-in design is non-damaging, and can last 3 years or more with good care. They save you a lot of time and money too, overall. 

Quality Never Compromised 

These wonderful hair extensions are made from 100% real European Remy human hair, world renowned as the finest quality on the market today. They are also handcrafted in a 45 day process that entails taking each strand and knotting it 3 times, then attaching it to a micro-mesh base. This process ensures a durable, luxurious and long-lasting finished product. At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, they believe there is no substitute for this kind of quality. They also believe in excellent customer service, providing many tutorials on their website and help for you so you can fully customize your hair toppers with regard to color, cut and style. Care is easy since you just use the same healthy products and care that you do for your own hair. Avoid heat of any kind, and brush and wash them regularly but gently. If you prefer, you can purchase products on their website, as well. Payment plans are available if you qualify, and they even provide free hair consultations if you need some expert advice, or help with your real hair extension choices. So what are you waiting for? Be the best version of yourself possible, and make the right first impression, the first time. 


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