Did you know that you can have an expensive-looking kitchen without spending too much on a renovation? In a world where status means a lot to homeowners, maintaining an expensive kitchen is a necessity. We have unique tips that you can use to keep your kitchen flashy without breaking the bank.

1. Use lighter colors

You can instantly brighten up your kitchen space by having bright colors on your walls and cabinets. You just need to understand the right colors for the walls and the cabinets. Light grey stained kitchen cabinets are great options for cabinetry colors while cream or white could be ideal for the walls. You can check out other color ideas online before settling on one.

2. Update hardware

The look of your kitchen cabinets relies on various elements, including hardware. If they are too old, you should change them and your cabinets will get an instant new look. Some of the hardware targets are cabinet pulls and drawers. A quick change will enhance the appearance of your kitchen space.

3. Change your lighting

Lighting is an important element that defines the overall look of the kitchen. It is inexpensive to add chandeliers and pendants. These are great accessories that would work perfectly in a kitchen with light grey stained kitchen cabinets. You should learn where you need to keep these accessories for a wonderful effect.

4. Hide small appliances

Clutter destroys the look of your kitchen. Hiding small appliances is one of the best ways of keeping your kitchen neat. Remember, expensive kitchens are always neat, thus, you should hide anything that appears to clutter your kitchen.

5. Use artwork

With a set of beautiful light grey stained kitchen cabinets, you can add artwork to your kitchen to make it sophisticated and expensive. You need to know the right artwork that would fit your kitchen. You should be guided by the colors of your walls and the kitchen cabinets.

6. Clean your windows

You don’t need money to clean your windows. You can spare one of your lazy weekends and use it to clean your windows. That simple act will make the kitchen cleaner with more light getting inside.


You don’t need a lot of money to make remarkable changes that will make your kitchen look expensive. All that you need is a bit of creativity and the will to change things around.

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