Before I got involved with Reiki healing.I was the type of person who ran around on nervous energy.It was my belief that we were victims to situations and events and the concept of creating reality mindfully and consciously was an alien concept.

My understandings have changed radically over the years. During my own Reiki 1 course the penny started to drop that my attitudes and thought patterns influence my wider reality. I began to understand that I was the one creating my reality and that I was not some victim to random events.

Our thoughts really do matter

As a nurse I had been aware that stress influences physical well being, but I had not made the connection that thought patterns and emotions also impact on our daily reality.

After my Reiki 1 class I began to have a more acute awareness of my thought patterns.With the daily use of Reiki energy I started to perceive reality differently.Things that used to bother me no longer had an emotional hold on me.

Using Reiki helped me change my life

As my life improved with continued self Reiki treatments. I started to put the dots together.Reiki was certainly a holistic therapy. It was calming my mind as well as my body. My life was changing for the better as a consequence of my new state of mind.I was viewing situations and events differently, and new and exciting opportunities presented themselves to me. These new changes were a direct reflection of the internal changes taking place within me.

Learning how to do Reiki has so many benefits

At a Reiki 1 course everyone who attends learns how to do Reiki treatments on themselves.Reiki is very easy to administer to oneself and is user friendly in that you can even give yourself some Reiki on a bus or a train.Reiki energy has the ability to raise the frequency of our thought patterns and empower our emotional state. When we change our internal state of being it is inevitable that our external reality shifts too.

Self Awareness is a Great First Step

At my Reiki 1 courses in Dublin, I highlight the importance of mind body connections.I outline how our thoughts influence reactions in our physical body. There are some simple exercises I use to demonstrate this:

I get participants at my Reiki 1 trainings to imagine a person that makes them feel happy. With their eyes closed they see this person in their minds eye. Once they do this for a few minutes, I get them to change the picture in their mind. The second thing I get them to focus on is a person that makes them feel angry.Before I finish the exercise I tell everyone that I am going to give them a slice of lemon when they open their eyes. I get them to imagine a juicy yellow lemon.

Every thought is important

It is interesting to hear the feedback from the various Reiki classes after this practical exercise. It highlights how our thoughts influence different chemical reactions in our body. The feelings we have when we think about someone we like are very different to the reactions we experience when focusing on someone who makes us angry.

The feedback given when the groups focus on a lemon is consistent. Most people in the group notice an increase in the production of saliva. Some people even smell a lemon. However, where is the lemon! I never have a lemon with me. It exists only in the participants’ imagination and yet they all react physically to what they are thinking about in that moment.

Reiki can change your reality by helping you change your state of mind

I have been teaching Reiki courses in Dublin since 1996. During that time I have witnessed hundreds of people change their lives by using Reiki holistic energy. Reiki helped them elevate their minds and emotional states and as a result their lives started to unfold differently.If you would like to experience the benefits of Reiki healing energy you might consider taking a Reiki 1 class in Dublin. For more information on Reiki 1,Reiki 2 and Reiki Master courses visit
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