Life should be enjoyable and happy; however, when your life begins to feel unhappy and out of control, you can turn things around with a few simple hints that will help you to take control again and reduce stress and anxiety.


If your diet has too much red meat in it, too many caloric foods or maybe your portions are too much, there are some simple and easy things you can do that will not only make you feel better but will also bring better health to you such as eating more salads, or fresh things like apples, carrots, soups and low calorie beverages.
A person will feel happy eating nutritious and healthy foods and happiness is a good condition to find success. Other nutritious foods that are good for your body and mind are: granola, stews, casseroles, rice salads and pasta. In addition, if you consume alcohol or wine, do it in moderation.


Having more order in your life is another way to be happier and healthier. De-cluttering one’s environment, creating order, can make a huge difference in how you feel about life and also adds a calming effect on their mind and body. Some who de-clutter their home environment once a month or more are often surprised at how much accumulates throughout the day.
It may be hard to do but if you take time and just look for several boxes and get rid of what you can, you will be amazed at how much better you feel by creating a more ordered environment. Living a more ordered life can bring great relief and happiness.


Meditating, such as practicing yoga or just finding a quiet place for yourself where you can be alone and relax for a while, can be quite helpful. Breathing exercises, where you relax every part of your body, has helped many when looking for peace and order.
By taking time in the morning or evening and practicing deep breathing, you will find peace and feel renewed. A feeling of happiness often follows renewal and peace.
When you meditate or practice yoga, be sure that you have a quiet and calm environment and then, get into a comfortable position.
There are different techniques for meditation. It has been a common practice both in Eastern and Western cultures for centuries. Now there is also the support of audio technology. Meditation can lead to a more successful life.


Listening to some of your favorite music every day has beneficial effect on your soul and your mood, and this will be a big help to face your day and its challenges.
It is a good idea to begin the day with a few of morning music listening or music playing if you can play an instrument.

If you are interested on getting your life better, try even only one of above practices and you will be walking toward having a more productive, successful and happy life.

My best wishes

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Francisco Garcia is a musician and teacher and he is involved in a continuous learning process for personal development and successful life. His purpose is to contribute to the world with his work.
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