Today, with the increasing demand of privacy and data protection, biometric technology is one of the safest and the most convenient way of for an individual identification and security. With the increasing threats and terror attacks, every small and big organization is looking for some improvements in their security departments or their security measurements.

Today, there are basically two types of biometrics technologies being used by multiple companies or organizations. One is physiological biometrics which measures characteristics that can be empirically identified such as the face, fingerprint, hand, iris, and DNA. This is because each person has some unique qualities and compositions of their body. So, these compositions will help us to indentify a person. Each person has unique composition in any of these things. Another category is labeled as behavioral which includes signature, voice, and keystroke.

All of these products and technologies have some own advantages and disadvantages for an industry or organization. Let us get an overview of how each of them works.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Closes circuit television or CCTV is defines as a system in which video cameras are used to convey video signals to a specific set of televisions or monitors. Today, this technology is commonly used all around the world like air port, military installations, banks, casinos and convenient stores. Also many civilians and many private sectors are also using CCTV surveillance systems for security reasons.

But before installing, it is necessary to carefully judge the security needs of your establishment or organization to make a complete surveillance plan for your business place.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is another most effective and best security system for your company or organization. A Facial recognition normally measure the distances between the characteristics in the face such as center of the pupils, the outside corner of eyes, pattern of the hairline, the inside metric from the corners of the eyes, and other common facial recognition techniques used in our everyday life.

People Counter

People counter in normally used for measuring the exact figure of people entering in any shopping mall, offices or any other premises. Using People Counting equipment means you have an accurate figure of people to determine conversion ratios to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising, the selling performance of your sales staff and the correctness of staffing levels.

Object tracking systems

Object tracking systems normally used to determine the global positioning of any object like a track, car or any other object. The tracking systems broadcast the data to a computer through means of a satellite, radio, or GPRS. Today, object tracking devices are common in private and high level companies.

This technology is not only suitable for this century but there are so many people who are using this technology for many years. There are so many security products available in the market the only thing you need is to make some search online to find out the best security product on affordable rates.

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