The purpose of pergolas is to incorporate function and beauty to front or  backyard. Designed as garden or yard structures, pergolas offer ample scope to set up sitting arrangements, shade from the elements and adequate comfort space outside the house.

If the pergola construction is done thoughtfully, then it can add more character to the yard space and turn it into its focal point. When it comes to designing pergolas, there exist a plethora of ideas to implement.

But before going ahead with the design, it is always important to hire professional pergola builders to do the construction work. So whether one yearns for a cozy garden space, a relaxing corner for tedious gardeners or even an outdoor dining area, these experts will ensure the designing is done tailored to the needs of the homeowner.

So... Ready To Make Your Vicinals Green In Envy? 

Off-course you are! Implement any one of these awe-inspiring innovations to the usual vertical post- cross beam and study open lattice pergola construction.

  • “For Those Who Want a Minimalist Garden Swing Pergola”

Adding garden swings to a pergola design is one of the popular options to implement in wooden pergolas. Truth be told, this is a much better option than simply setting benches and sofas.

To make it quirkier one can also include Wisteria shrubs, dainty flowers and exotic shrubs. 

  • “For Those Wanting Some Ethereal Charm”

To boost up the ethereal charm of the pergola; one can also add gauzy curtains (either on one side or all the sides).

For more aesthetics; one can use different curtain materials to match their needs - thicker curtains for more privacy whereas colourful ones for more vibrancy.

Furthermore, to make it cooler, add a swing pallet bed dressed up a blue coloured mattress- perfect-in-contrast to the dark brown posts and beams.   

  • “For Those Wishing For a Quaint Box”

Garden pods are really ‘in’ these days. It offers the perfect comfort and privacy in the outdoor area. Such timber quaint boxes can be fitted into any sized yard and so discuss with the appointed pergola and timber decking specialist in brisbane to check its scope and possibility. 

To improve its appeal, one can add some climbing plants such as Clematis, Honeysuckle, Morning glory, Bleeding Heart, Crossvine, and more to their quaint box. And by including a couple of recliners/sofa furniture with some lights and a coffee table; one is all set to relish their relaxing time. 

  • “For Those Wanting An Adjustable Shade”

This is another interesting design to try out, especially if one wants to make an impression on visitors and neighbours. One can request their pergola contractor to create a retractable canvas for a few hours of shade. Add sofa sets and a coffee table to the decor and chill.

The best part, if one wishes for an unhindered view or space, they can always pull the canvas shade for a clearer view. 

Each of these designs will prove to be eye-catchy in their own way. And will help to boost up their property value. So, discuss these ideas with concerned pergola builders in Brisbane and also ask them for more suggestions.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a part of a professional team of pergola builders in Brisbane and together have completed numerous projects over the years. The author also writes and educates the readers why a timber decking specialist in brisbane is pivotal for such projects.