One of the biggest problems among gardeners is surely the weeding. If you are a gardener, even a beginner, you probably know what I mean. The super-fast growing weeds are constantly hunted by garden owners, especially if the yard is quite big. It usually doesn't matter, if the season is good or bad – weed always grows rapidly without any problems. However, it is known that if you want healthy and attractive garden with well-developed plants, you have to get rid of weed.

So, let's some great techniques to keep your garden weed-free. Each of the methods listed below is effective and reliable technique, which is tested by professional gardeners.

1. Rototill your garden soil and dig up the roots of the weed. You will be able to remove the existing plants and prevent them from taking roots and growing again. In fact, you have to rototill both ways – vertically and horizontally. Inspect the garden after the first run and ensure that most of the roots has been removed.

2. Get rid of weed by hand. Yes, you can pull them up easily and ensure a clean planting space for your garden. However, when you are doing the job, make sure to remove the roots as well. Do not simply cut the weed, but pull up the whole plant. If you fail to remove the roots, any weed will grow even faster than before.

3. Set a protection on your garden plot. Firstly, you can use mulch made from dead leaves add some nutrients to your soil. A 2-inch thick layer of it will be enough to prevent the weed from growing in the area. You can also cover your garden plot with thick, black plastic to protect the site from weed seeds. Make sure to use rocks or other heavy objects to hold down the plastic.

4. Use weed killer. Yes, there are certain products called weed killers, which can handle effectively with the annoying plants. Make sure to use this solution the year before you plant to grow anything. You will be able to reduce severely the reproduction of weed. However, read carefully the instructions on the label and decide the best product for your situation. Many gurus in gardening remind us that these solutions usually contain dangerous chemicals, which can negatively impact the garden. On the other hand, you can safely use natural products. Just make sure to consult with an expert, if you are not sure about your choice.

Anyway, try one, two or even all of these methods and see which of them gives the best result for you. Experiment as long as you can, this is the way to become better and better. You can even find another great way to handle weed, which I will be glad to hear. Good luck with the fight against the annoying weed!

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Pol Anderson Bishop is writer, author and advisor in home improvement, gardening and design. He is currently working with the Fantastic Gardeners - garden maintenance brand in London. He is sharing his knowledge and experience by writing articles on various subjects. Look for more of his work and follow him on Google+.