All of us know the side effects of cigarette smoking. Almost all organs of the body of the smoker get affected because of this habit. A person can avoid many diseases if he quits smoking and even adds several years to his life. But quitting this habit can be a challenge and difficult for many people. They can try IQOS devices. Discreet and portable, these heated tobacco sticks can provide them an authentic smoking-like experience.

Know the side effects of smoking
Smoking is a bad habit that can create many complications in your body. Many side effects can occur on your body systems with the long-term use of cigarettes. Although it creates varieties of health issues over several years, it can also increase the risks of some immediate body effects like mood stimulation, anxiety and irritability, and persistent coughing. Smokers can find an alternative by using IQOS, which stands for 'I Quit Original Smoking'.

Get the sensation of smoking with smoke-free vapour with IQOS
IQOS devices are very popular these days among cigarette smokers because this portable device can give them a smoking-like experience. Convenient and discreet, this device heats real tobacco to 3500C in compatible sticks called Heets using advanced electronics. The advantage of using this smoking alternative is that it heats tobacco instead of burning it with the exhale of smoke-free vapor.

For an authentic smoking-like experience
Many of you have heard about e-cigarettes, but IQOS is unique and using different technology. This product uses real tobacco instead of flavored e-liquid, as in the case of e-cigarettes. A smoker can look and feel as if he or she smokes a regular cigarette. But they do not need to inhale combusted tobacco by using this heat-not-burn product. Philip Morris International markets and sells this device for the benefit of smokers.

Important things to know about IQOS
IQOS device is intended for smokers and not for non-smokers or those who already quit the habit of smoking. But it is suitable for people who desire to quit smoking. Their transition from cigarettes can be much more easy and manageable if they use this device. Some of the important things and benefits related to this heat-not-burn product are:

•Signifiers of vaping and smoking like flame and smoke are absent
•A perfect alternative for adult smokers
•Capable of giving an authentic smoking-like experience
•Heets can give satisfying nicotine effects
•Affordable price
•It does not have the ash or smoke of cigarettes

Quitting smoking can be difficult for many people, even if this habit can make them many difficulties. Tobacco is harmful to your body irrespective of the way you smoke it. All substances in this product are harmful to the human body, from nicotine to carbon monoxide. But many people find it difficult to quit smoking even if they desire that. They can try IQOS Heets. The FDA classified IQOS as a cigarette, but it is an electronic device as it can give an authentic feel of cigarette smoking by using this device.

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