Winter precipitation and freezing temps can gang up on your vehicle. Vehicle components like spark plugs, brakes and batteries are prone to misbehave in winter, so for safe winter driving this year, your vehicle needs proper checkups and maintenance. You can visit a Leggat Auto Group dealership for winter service. Here are some things to inspect before the snow comes.

1. Vehicle fluids inspection

In cold temperatures, different fluids inside the vehicle can freeze including: battery fluids, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. Having enough antifreeze in the radiator is important during the winter months. At zero degrees, ice formation may occur in the fuel tank and fuel lines leading to choking. The dedicated service team at any Leggat Auto Group dealership can do a thorough fluid level check and change fluids when needed.

2. Wipers and battery inspection

Wipers that are worn should be replaced before the winter season. Car batteries also seem to fail in winter, so it’s important to visit a Leggat Auto Group dealership to see if it’s time to replace it.

3. Tire inspection

Tire treads need to be looked at. Tires that do not have adequate depth may lead to decreased road grip, which could cause your vehicle to slip and slide during bad weather. Tire pressure also needs to be checked, since tires lose some pressure when the temperature drops.

4. Rubber parts inspection

Proper checkups for interior rubber parts like the vacuum and radiator hoses are necessary, as cold temperatures may lead to cracks or bulges in them.

5. Lighting inspection

All of your vehicle lights should be checked and tested. Visibility is key in foggy or snowy weather conditions. If your visibility is poor, there is a greater chance of an accident or vehicle damage.

Whether you drive a brand new Toyota or a used Cadillac, each part of your vehicle needs inspection from a trained automotive technician to make it winter ready. With over 80 years of experience in car sales/service and car leasing, the Leggat Auto Group in Ontario is well versed in winter servicing.

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