Being successful in your home based online business, or your regular work from home business, requires many things. One of the most important is keeping your home and your mind free of CLUTTER. The ancient art of Feng Shui states that the first law of the Universe is Order – creating order out of chaos. Clutter is stagnant energy and weighs us down. So, create some space. Nature loves a void and always operates to fill it. To be in harmony with the Universal Laws and the Laws of Attraction, you need to keep your home space clean and neat and free of clutter and excess so that new positive energy and experiences can flow in. Likewise, you need to keep your mental state clear of excess worries and stress so you can focus and receive the inspiration and imaginative new ideas that can enhance your business.

First, clear the mental clutter. You need a clear mind and some clear time. If you’re concerned about things in your current life situation – your family and job issues, you have to be able to put them aside so you can concentrate and focus on your new work from home venture. You must clear out all other thoughts so you can focus on your business. As you clear your thoughts, the other issues may try to crop back up in your mind. Just acknowledge them, resolve to deal with them later and return to your focus on the task of the moment. Then you need to clear some time devoted only to your business. This may mean dropping activities that are no longer relevant, scheduling your time carefully, and letting others know that you need time and space for your business activities. These things can be difficult to do, but are crucial to your success and will allow you to move forward more quickly with your new business. If you encounter a day when things don’t go as well as you would like, don’t let it throw you off track, just return to your new pattern and schedule as soon as possible.

Next, take some time and start clearing the clutter and excess in your home space. Start with one area and work on it until you feel a sense of completion and can see the difference. This means not only what you can see, but also drawers, storage areas, closets, purse, file cabinets, even your emails and old computer files. Do something each day, even if it is only a small amount, and keep working on it until it is done. Paper and old books and magazines absorb large amounts of energy so letting go of what is no longer needed can make an immediate and huge positive energy shift in your space.

If you’re working from home, your office or work area is your most important space. So it makes sense to start there. Set aside some time, even if it is only an hour a day, make an appointment with yourself and get to work. Try these tips to help you clear and organize things in your office area:

First, clear out, throw away, put away or donate all old items and papers you no longer use or need. Don’t forget the closet. Organize items that are left in the closet so they are neat and easy to find. You can use clear plastic boxes of different sizes with labels for small items. There are many closet organizing shelves and bins available for larger items. Once cleaned up, make a practice of keeping it neat.

Organize your desk drawers so they are clean, neat and only hold items you use every day. Once clean, keep them that way.

Get a filing cabinet for papers and records. One with high sides to hold hanging folders can be found inexpensively at most discount stores. Make a file folder for each subject or business activity and make it a habit to keep all your papers filed each day. A good way to do this is to use hanging folders to hold regular file folders so they are easily accessible. You only need to label the regular file folders.

For papers and records that you need out on your desk, try stacking trays for loose papers and standing racks to hold file folders. These come in many styles and colors and also can be found at the local discount store. Put items away at the end of each work session.

Corral all those small desk items, paper clips, pens, scissors, stapler, etc. in a holder made for that purpose and remember to neaten them up at the end of your work day.

An attractive lamp on the desk can bring in warm light that illuminates your work area and also feels good. Use a regular light bulb, not a fluorescent bulb, for best results.

Your work space should feel warm, inviting and comfortable. This will increase your happiness and productivity while you are working. Make adjustments and add some personal items that you like until your space feels good to you. This last point is very important since most home based business owners spend many hours working in their home office space.

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Author Bio:

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