Professional makeup is vital for women attending an event such as a wedding or a festival celebration. Now, everyone doesn’t need makeup, but those who do must use a professional artist to get their makeup done. A few women who are in the show business know how to use makeup because they have years of practice putting on makeup and doing up their faces.

Use of fingers 

The first thing to consider if you are doing your own makeup is to use fingers instead of brushes. The color spreads better when you use your fingers and you have good connectivity with your skin. When you massage makeup with your fingers, it helps you because it gives you better reach. You are able to reach places where your brush cannot. The natural effect is tough to get away from. Then comes the concealer, you have to use a lighter shade around your nose and eyes. This will lift up your complexion instantly.

Go to a beauty salon 

For Professional Makeup in Delhi, there are many salons and makeup artists who will do your makeup for you. These artists can do your makeup in half an hour whereas it will take 3-4 hours if you do it on your own. This is because they have years of practice doing these things like choosing a foundation and matching it with a concealer. They know which brush to take for each application. You might choose the wrong brush and end up spending 2 hours undoing your damage.

Matching the dress to the occasion 

For special occasions, women use special dresses such as lehenga and choli or Anarkali to keep in pace with the bright colored makeup. They begin by choosing the color of their chest because this gives the perfect foundation color. Anything else will not match so perfectly. Then, they work to the places around the neck so that they are able to keep the color match to perfection. You will see that for weddings, they choose a makeup artist to do the bridal makeover. Doing the Bridal Makeover in Delhi is easy because you have many artists there who are experts in this art.

Doing a bridal makeover 

The bridal makeover begins with a thorough cleansing of the face and application of the foundation. All blemishes need removal and so one might do an exfoliation if there is enough time. This will help remove superficial blemishes. Then, the foundation and concealer go on. After this, one uses creams and lotions to make the face shiny. This is the important part because this glow helps the bride to appear attractive.

No makeup is complete without the dress and for the Indian bride, the lehenga or Anarkali is as important in the north as the sari is in the south. Usual colors for sari or Anarkali include bright reds and violets though golden yellow is also quite popular. It is normal to have one back up makeup artist because in case something goes wrong with the first one, there is always someone to fall back on. People use makeup artists for birthday bashes too.

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