A joint venture, otherwise known as a JV, is using the talents, skills, and resources that someone else has, and exchanging them for yours. This is a practice that takes place in big business everyday. It's simply using the principle of strength in numbers. These are also called strategic, or collaborative partnerships.

You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the opportunities of a jv that are out there. You might not think so at first, because you might not think that you have what it takes. You might feel that you are too ignorant of the whole process, but you'd be amazed at how wrong you are! All you have to do, is approach someone who already has a healthy grasp on a niche, and offer to help them in kind.

How can you help another collaborator? You could offer things to make it worth their while. For example, you could offer them a healthy affiliate profit. You could offer them information that they could only get from you. You could make the case that by collaborating with you, you could bring them other forms of traffic that they might not be aware of.

Whatever you do, make your pitch personal. Don't send your potential jv partner a form letter. Draft a letter that makes an appealing case to their sensibilities. If you are able to sell to them the benefits of joining forces with you, then they might come around. People are apt to pay attention to what you have to say, when you can show them the benefits of the venture; the good old "What's in it for me?" tends to work most of the time.

So, where do you find your next collaborators? Look for online forums and social networking sites, for the people in your niche. Don't worry about being a newbie marketer. The thing that you have in common, is that once upon a time, everyone was new. Keep at it, and someone is likely to give you a shot.

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