Making a life change is a time consuming and difficult task. Making a change is probably the hardest thing to do because to do so requires that we change the way that we think and operate. Our habits and our outlook on life have been ingrained since birth and they are hard to change. Fundamental change is so very difficult because it digs so deeply into our basic fabric.

The platform for change is all mental. Change forces us to have to change the mental images that we have created. If we can win the mental battle we can win the war. We tend to want to push things off on others but the bottom line is that if we are in distress we need to change our own mindset. We don’t necessarily have control over others but we can control our own minds even though that takes a lot of hard work.

Initially we need to learn how to control our thoughts. Bad thoughts only lead to negative actions. Good thoughts lead to positive actions. Learn to disregard negative thoughts when they bombard your mind. This is the key to change.

We all have learned how to fall into certain unhealthy behavior patterns which need to be broken in order to change. The hardest thing that we can do is to change a pattern of behavior because it is learned behavior. Behavior patterns can be very complex because they can have various triggers that we are unaware of. Finding out what the triggers are and learning how to ignore them is an entire science by itself but it can be done.

What is it that causes you to react in a certain way? Isolate it and learn how to deal with it. Identifying negative patterns in our own behavior is a very difficult thing to do because we naturally feel that all we do is right.

One thing for certain is this: A negative trigger causes a negative thought. If you realize that a thought is negative you can defeat it with determination. If you can catch it before it takes root in your mind then you have won the battle. Sometimes we just have to ignore negative people, thoughts, or circumstances. The best way to do this is to just think about positive things. Keep your mind on the good to drown out the bad.

One thing which works for me is to spend time in prayer early in the morning. This helps me because the prayer puts me in the right spirit to face the day. I have to pray several times a day in order to help me to remain strong throughout. When I pray negative things which happen to me just don’t seem as bad. Troubles are easier to handle and there is more control over my thoughts.

Prayer doesn’t always change my circumstances but it certainly gives me the strength to go through.

Change your thoughts and you will change the way that you react to problems which will in turn help you to change your life. I have applied these principles to my own life and they have helped although I have to admit that I have a long way to go. If these principles help me surely they will help you too.The Good Life

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Cedric Rice is the founder of Riceland Enterprises, which is composed of several different business ventures. This company is currently located in Georgia.
Riceland Enterprisesof several web sites that Mr. Rice owns and operates which is oriented towards consumers along with Military Ring Express, and Fragrance Oil Express