Experts in business law and all its related concepts, a corporate lawyer defends the clients providing legal advises assistances and advocacies either to the corporations or the government agencies.

Career Profile

Basic features of corporate lawyers are as follows –

Corporate lawyers are experts in business law as well as the related concepts.
They will defend the clients and offer advices on legal matters.
Some of the areas that they usually cover are finance, real estate, and such other related areas.
Career Requirements

Usually the corporate lawyers would be subject to multiple educational as well as licensing requirements. Only after fulfillment of these requirements, the lawyer will become authorized licensee lawyer. Some of the basic responsibilities for the corporate lawyer would be –

Understanding the legal requirements;
Defending the interests of the client;
Corporate lawyers advise clients on taxation, mergers, acquisitions, parents, global economics, accounting, securities, as well as business contacts;
Upholding all legal requirements; and
Managing all the matters relating to corporate requirements.
Career Opportunities

Corporate lawyers would be conversant in all legal areas and they will be highly knowledgeable in all areas relating to these areas. Multiple locations for them are available where they can work and pursue their careers.

Corporate lawyers work in private legal offices;
Some of them are employed in large enterprises and law firms;
Others pursue their private practices;
According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS may opportunities are also available in federal and state government agencies; and
Private corporations that employ the corporate lawyers for getting advise on advertisements and other business promotion affairs and related legal issues.
License Requirements

For practicing and taking up the career of corporate lawyer career and jobs a person requires license. All the persons taking up the career of attorneys have to pass the ABA or the American bar Association examination which is also known as bar exam in the state where they wish to practice there. In addition; the candidates require a degree in law from the ABA accredited academy. However, in many cases they have also to pass the mandatory ethical examination that is essential for obtaining license.

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