Collections and Appeals for past due amounts can be difficult in any industry; adding the Medical Billing office element to it complicates it further. With this, one has the share of cost for patients, Medicare rules and Regulations, Private Payor contracts, and Collectors without experience in medical terminology needed for successful claims appeals to deal with.
Collections and Appeals in the medical billing office can be successful only when one has the right tools, the medical terminology "billing lingo" and the paper correspondence necessary to collect every dollar owed to one’s office. All this forms an important aspect of the Central Billing Office, at which one needs to be successful, free of any doubt and confusion. Once this is done, the Biller and Collector's job description will acquire a new meaning and get elevated to a whole new level of professionalism, adding immense value and making their practice exceptional.
Learn the ways of getting collections and appeals right
The ways of doing this will be the learning that a webinar from MentorHealth, a highly regarded provider of professional trainings for the healthcare industry, will impart. You can enroll for this webinar by logging on to
Terry Fletcher, who is a Specialty Coding Industry Expert, Auditor and Educator; will be the speaker at this highly interesting learning session. At this session, Terry will not only give make participants familiar with the tools needed for this learning, but will also give a chapter-verse explanation for some of the more challenging issues when it comes to collecting share of cost dollars from patients.
Helping to understand the major aspects of Collections and Appeals
Terry will also help participants understand how to know if they have the legal right to waive any out of pocket. She will also address the issue of “Professional Courtesy” and the legal and compliance questions that go with the way to handle deprived patients. Apart from this, Terry will look at the specifics of specialty medical office coding denials with actual cases and solutions.
She will give to the participants material that will be of value to them once they finish the webinar and start implementing the learning gained in it, in their work. Collection letters for insurance and private patient situations will be part of the materials given.
Terry will cover the following areas at this webinar:
o Patient Intake- The important information
o Professional Courtesy Addressed
o Patient Collections: Getting the Share of Cost from the patient
o Insurance Collections: Specifics for that medical specialty office
o Appealing Cardiac Cath with PCI denials
o Appealing Multiple Endoscopy codes performed on same day -that get denials
o Collecting on past due claims- how to avoid collection companies
o The appeals process for E/M and procedures on the same date that get denied
o Multiple Orthopedic surgery procedural denials > how to appeal
o PV, General Surgery and more....

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