Content marketing is a strategy commonly used online to attract people to your business or cause! People using the internet in most cases are looking to be entertained and/or informed which is why this strategy is so frequently used! On the other hand there's a lot more to making this approach really work for you than simply creating something of 'worth' and publishing it on the internet! People using the internet need to view what you've published while the message you are delivering must be consistent with the image that best suits your needs!

Here is a 5 step checklist you can use with any type of content you publish to get better results when trying to attract people online!


Most people using the internet to locate information typically conduct a search using words or phrases that describe what they're looking for! It is up to you as the content creator to make proper use of these words and phrases so search engines can easily locate the content you've published! This type of traffic is very highly targeted and is absolutely free so it only makes sense to invest the little extra effort needed to optimize any content you publish!


As discussed immediately above by properly optimizing your content you can expect to attract people in search of information like you published! Although this strategy will get you traffic it's important to realize you'll also need to implement other tactics to help increase your exposure online! Submitting articles, developing press releases and even sending out notices to your list members using email will all help generate additional traffic to your site!

Social Media Use

Although social media use was not discussed above as a way to promote your content it is in fact the most powerful way to drive traffic online! The vast majority of people using the internet belong to some sort of social site and the memberships found at these sites are often quite large! By locating social communities that share the same interest as you makes it easier to position yourself in front of traffic instead of chasing after it! Trying to attract people from all over the internet can be time consuming, frustrating and even costly making social media marketing an even more attractive option!

Networking with Thought Leaders

This goes beyond simply making 'contact' with the thought leaders in your niche and involves developing workable relationships! These people can be easily located at different social sites by conducting a simple search looking for those with large followings and similar interest to yours! Rubbing elbows with these leaders will definitely boost your profile, increase your credibility and help attract people to your business or cause! As the saying goes it is NOT always what you know but rather who you know when it comes to achieving success in any field!


Developing a brand or image for what you do will make it easier for the internet population to 'pick you out' in a crowd! The immensity of the online environment has placed a greater emphasis on the need to establish a brand and you can do so by keeping the 'message' of the content you publish consistent with your goals! Brands are best developed through repetition and consistency which is why using content to do so works so well!

Content marketing is king when it comes to using this strategy to get the attention of people using the internet! Of course what you created MUST be of good quality but even then if folks don't find it or the message is inconsistent with your brand or image, it serves little use to you! The 5 steps suggested above are intended to help you BEST prepare any type of content you may publish so that it will in fact attract people to your business or cause!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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