Mention the phrase 'team building day' to any employee and the reaction most probably won't be a positive one. There has long been a perception of these kinds of company activities as dull affairs, usually involving bundling staff into cramped minibuses and heading out into the middle of nowhere to attempt to negotiate a muddy assault course or fire paint balls at each other. It will more than likely, knowing the UK, be raining as well!

It doesn't take a genius to work out that firing balls of paint at fellow employees will do little to build lasting bonds; it could even build resentment. The same applies to being asked to get covered in mud and leap over wooden obstacles in the woods somewhere. The end result is a largely pointless, uninspiring day.

Thankfully, the concept of corporate team building days has been taking on a new look of late. Agencies are beginning to realise the importance of offering unique and above all fun days out for companies that will actually foster strong connections between individuals and departments.

For example, themes such as The Krypton Maze are very useful as they demand that people work together to solve a puzzle. The same applies to Murder Mystery-themed days, with actors playing out murder scenes, adding to the enjoyment factor.

A simple rule to remember is that if you want to build bonds, allow your employees to 'build' something physical. That could include making chocolate, creating cocktails or even cookery lessons.

What is clear is that in tough economic times good employees are a company's lifeblood. It is therefore imperative that they are made to feel valued and treated to fun activities outside of work. This could include summer events, Christmas parties or team building days that inspire, motivate and build lasting relationships.

Author's Bio: 

Oli is head of corporate events at Eventa. Based in Brighton, they specialise in the organisation of unique and inspirational team building days, Christmas and summer parties for groups and companies all across the UK