"Dream big, Sparkle more, Shine bright"

Lately, I’ve been finding it hard to find time to work on my music, to come up with new stuff and practice songs for gigs. I have even forgotten to spare time to have fun with music and to experiment with it, me busy being caught up with school work and other projects.

But my Heart really does crave for me to start singing at least. Even if that doesn’t motivate me, I start feeling guilty if I do nothing musically related to my goals for a few days.

So, I’ve been cracking my head, finding “time” to work on these goals. I have come to realise, I can’t find the ideal time of sitting in a room, playing the guitar for hours every day. But what I can do is spare 30 minutes before I go to bed to practice my guitar, even if that means getting a little less sleep.

Now, a year back, I wouldn’t have sacrificed sleep for anything in the world. It’s not like I cared less about my goals back then, I just didn’t see the importance that much. I also tend to focus on the problem, which was not getting enough sleep and being sleepy at school. However, we all know now that because of the Law of Vibrations and Attractions and the Law of Sowing and Reaping (you should check this link out www.ascendancepro.com for more about the Seven Basic Laws of Nature), that whatever thoughts I focus on and “plant” in my head, would eventually become a reality.

And true enough, I did feel very tired, even though I didn’t do much work that day. I would SAY that I was tired and indeed convince myself that I was, and eventually I truly did feel tired.

What got me to snap out of this state was my mentor, Elango Thiyagu (www.elangothiyagu.com). He reminded me that this was just the beginning. How could I juggle more things in the future and have more stuff to do if I couldn’t even handle the basic things like going to school and playing an instrument.

It kinda clicked that if I was complaining now, I would never be able to reach where I want to be. So I started taking baby steps; and by using a lot of WILLPOWER to find a few minutes a day to practice what I need to learn on my guitar by then end of the week, before I go to bed. And true enough, eventually I found that I can find more time to work on music.

It can be the simplest things like singing in the car, which makes me happy and related to my goals (if I do it properly and the right way – another long story), which I never thought of doing before. I find it’s more of the quality rather than the quantity. Plus, finding these little bits and pieces of time to work on my music makes me cherish the time I have and also cherish music itself more.

Yes, it may seem impossible and some may disagree with my methods of skipping a tiny ounce of sleep, but I feel like it’s the extra mile a person takes that gets them where they want to go in the long run.

So yes, it may seem impossible to have big dreams when you can barely complete the small tasks at hand, but I believe that persistence and willpower, are all the tools we need right now to achieve our Heart’s goals.

So, for those of you that feel like it is impossible and that your goals cannot be done or that you don’t have time, fear not. I suggest dreaming big nevertheless. Eventually, you will start to sparkle and then shine oh so very bright!

- Heerraa

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