There is an old adage, “Life is what you make it,” and I couldn’t agree more. Life doesn’t need to be so complex; in fact, it can be easy and stress free! Sounds, too good to be true, right?

Do you know why that is? It’s because we come from a society where we have been taught the harder we work the more we get and the more we acquire the more successful we will be. This age old mentality is WRONG!

Let me explain, life is a vibrational river of universal consciousness and just like any river it has a course to the stream. Now, you are represented as a swimmer, and you jump into this beautifully flowing stream of consciousness – the bloodforce of Source – and start swimming upstream against the current. What is going to happen?

It will become increasingly difficult because you are fighting the current. You’ll get knocked around, banged up, bruised, and beaten – yet, this is the exact same thing as working harder to get where we want to be. The issue is you want to be downstream, where the river dumps into a pool of your abundance and awaits you. Yet, you are struggling against the current trying to find it upstream.

Does this honestly make any sense?

For example, weight loss is a huge topic in today’s world. Yet, a person desiring to drop the pounds tries a variety of options – fad diets, exercise, diet pills, diet shakes, etc. These options are all fighting against the current if the person doing them isn’t enjoying them or feels like they are forcing themselves.

Let’s say this person is allowing the current of life bring them to their desired result. Again, using the example of weight loss the person wishing to lose weight is AWARE that they DESIRE to experience the loss of a few pounds. So, this person starts eating consciously the foods they enjoy, but in a healthy way. A nice marinated chicken breast, a salad, and a healthy beverage which could be a glass of wine and this amazing meal is followed by a great desert (fruit bowl, cheese cake (small portion), etc.) This all makes YOU feel GOOD about YOU and the MEAL. So, you then begin seeing “healthy” recipes and then friends start giving you some to try. With this conscious way of living you now have a surge of energy and decide to incorporate a nightly walk (exercise). And the flow will continue just like that and when you hop on that once dreaded scale – you’ll find you have a new friend.

As a child, your parents were most likely the ones telling you, “Go to school, get good grades, so you can go to the best colleges, and get a high paying job.”

Then what happened when you failed a subject? They probably said, “You’re not applying yourself.”

The truth is, you followed their instructions, but fighting the current of life is often a losing battle. What happens in this scenario is that we don’t make school an enjoyable experience – instead, we turn it into a chore. Now, instead of looking forward to heading off and acquiring new knowledge you felt as though you didn’t have a choice and therefore felt stuck and forced automatically setting the stage for the upstream swim.

Now, I’m not saying that one shouldn’t go through school nor am I saying that we shouldn’t apply ourselves. I’m simply saying that the moment we feel forced to or that it’s not our choice – we are fighting the current.

So, what then can we do to reach our abundance and true potential?

The answer is so simple it will amaze you; in fact, you’ll think that I’m telling you to be lazy.

Go with the flow! That’s it!

Wake up every single morning and look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am a Divine Being filled with the love and light of source and fully equipped to handle every situation. Each experience is not a challenge but rather a blessing.”

Inside of every seemingly negative experience is a nugget of gold and it’s your choice to focus on this treasure or the dirt and rubble you dug through to get it. Odds are your responses to your experiences thus far have been to focus on the dirt and rubble. This has probably left you feeling negative, hopeless, and encompassed by a fear based reality.

Whoa! Hold up! What’s this fear based reality?

Sadly it is a false reality that we have been both taught and chosen to live in. It is one where the Ego – the false self – resides and is accompanied by; self defeating thoughts, misconceptions, excuses, walls, and barriers, and much more.

Sound familiar?

It’s because it is your existence that you most likely live right now. This fear based reality inhibits you from experiencing all of life’s abundance and glory because you are coming from fear. A fear that says;

“I lack that…”

“I cannot afford that...”

“I don’t deserve that…”

“I could never be…”

“I’m a realist…”

We have all said those thoughts probably on numerous occasions and several times a day. They are all examples of fighting the current of life, by not surrendering to the awesome power that is effortlessly flowing to your abundance.

Okay, so we now know that going with the flow is the answer to reaching our abundance, but how do we enable ourselves to do that?

Grab a sheet of paper and write down all the seemingly negative experiences you have had. Then write the positive or nugget of gold that came from that experience – it may not be easy but there is something positive there! After that, we turn that nugget of gold into the new focus of that experience! Doing that will allow you to feel better about your experience and you will see the abundance it has brought into your life.

Once you have your list go to the store and buy a poster board , markers, magazines, newspapers, tape, clue, etc. Bring that all home and construct your vision board – typically it is a board that reflects what it is you desire to manifest for yourself (a nice house, a spouse, kids, a car, a garden, money, a career, optimum health, etc).

However, this vision board is unique because you are manifesting a new way to perceive your life experiences thus far, in a positive light. Now, begin cutting and pasting the reflection of your past in a new light on this board – detailing what the experience was and what good came of it. It is very possible that more than one good thing came of it so show the rippling effect.

Once you have the board completed you need to place it in a place where you will see it every day. If you hide it under your bed it needs to be pulled out every day to be looked at and gone through. When going through this new type of vision board you’ll need to vocalize the experience and what came of it.

Okay, so now we have handled the shadows of the past and brought them into the light. Now, how do you handle new experiences that have that negative feel?

Rise up to the occasion, get excited about it, and turn toward this experience with enthusiasm knowing that there is a treasure within. On a deeper, more spiritual level, there is a reason you called this particular experience forth so let’s find out why!

Responding the new experience with a positive outlook will help you enjoy that experience. You will also find that something magnificent and wonderful came from that new way of approaching what you once deemed a “curve ball” – now becomes a bend in the river.

When we respond from a place of love, happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm we are in alignment with our source. If something that we are doing does not make us happy or feel good then we are in misalignment and need to reroute our course by turning it around and making it positive.

When we begin doing this we will be experiencing life from a standpoint of love and passion. We also will be eliminating our false self as we connect more and more to our divine source within. Life will become enjoyable and free of stress, self defeating thoughts, etc.

You are now empowered with the knowledge that every experience is a new and glorious opportunity. Embrace it, flow with it, and enjoy the ride to your place of abundance.

When you find yourself in a position of opposition or adversity find another way to see it. Ask yourself, “Am I flowing?”

Remember the statements of fear mentioned earlier? Let’s see how they have changed given your new outlook:

“I lack that…” BECOMES “I have …”

“I cannot afford that...” BECOMES “I can afford…”

“I don’t deserve that…” BECOMES “I am going to experience that…”

“I could never be…” BECOMES “I can be…”

“I’m a realist…” BECOMES “Am I in Alignment? Am I flowing”

Now go out and start enjoying life all the way to your place of abundance! And when you find yourself, feeling like your struggling remember; struggle indicates fighting the current. So, find your way back to the flow, by perceiving the very thing you are struggling with in a positive loving light.

Author's Bio: 

William Constantine is a currently pursuing his Doctorate in Metaphysics and has always been in service helping others heal beyond grief or transform their life in other ways. He has overcome a life fraught with experiences deemed negative; physical, emotional, sexual abuse, homelessness, etc. He has been a featured Keynote and many Mind, Body, Spirit themed expos. He has appeared on numerous radio, TV and print media outlets.