There are primarily two types of people who read my books, attend my seminars and listen to my Podcasts; professionals who are using (or will be using) the Internet in their overall marketing and those who are (or want to be) to making money exclusively from the Internet. The information I provide is a great fit for both. However, the people who are going to really succeed at this are the ones who clearly understand that they must be visible to their market. Not only that, they are very clear on the fact they have to build credibility and position their expertise; constantly You do this through consistency. Develop a plan of action of how often you will implement something in your marketing and promotions. The more consistent you are the better your results. Don’t fall into the trap of believing you can do something once and then rake in oodles of money. Making money with or on the Internet must be treated as a part of your overall business plan. Maybe it's the moon; maybe it's the fact that it is snowing in Eugene, Oregon for the third time this season in an area that normally doesn't get snow; maybe it's the fact that my old cat is very sick; or maybe it's the fact that I see people buying into the belief that they can do one or two things and make lots of money on or with the Internet, but I am really frustrated with the get-rich-quick attitude so many people have. It just doesn't work this way. How it works is there are a number of ingredients that must be applied. Leave out one of the ingredients and you will likely miss the mark. Here are some of the ingredients: -Building a responsive opt-in database -Writing and distribution of articles -A well position resource box -An optimized website -A blog -Blogging on a regular basis -Keeping in touch with your readers with high value information at a frequency that is consistent with their needs. Additionally, if you have offered something free from you site, you can't expect that people will sign up for something from your website and without any further effort on your part, immediately make a purchase. In most cases, it doesn’t work like this. People have to feel they can trust you. They have to feel you will deliver above and beyond. And they have to know they are making a good investment when they purchase something from you - no matter what the price. Can you make money with and on the Internet? By all means. And lots of it. Can you do it with very little effort? Although I read these kind of claims all the time, I have yet to meet someone who is the real deal who will tell you they got where they got without real time, effort and money involved. Simple as that. Okay, the snow has cleared, my cat is feeling better, the moon has disappeared and I have written what I set out to write. My thoughts on Getting Rich Quick on the Internet. Give up that notion, put your plan in place, build name recognition in your market, create incredible value, and keep in touch. Then you can smile all the way to the bank!

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