By Linda Smith

There are are so many of us who are wanting to learn how to make money online. Everyday, we open our emails to get bombarded with “GET RICH SCHEMES”, which you have to pay for. So that means, the only one getting rich, is the one selling the product to you. Oh, yes, the video ads. I don't know about you, but I hate those poorly made videos, from people screaming, to those who can barely speak one sentence that is understandable. Then, after 20 minutes of listening, you don't know anymore than you did when you got started. It is unbelievable.

If you are new to internet marketing, you can research until the cows come home. The more research you do, the more you will need to learn. The learning never stops. But, if you do not understand the terminology, you can get lost fast. In fact, you waste more time to looking up every term that you read about or hear about in the ads Before you know it, your whole day has been wasted, looking up terminology. So, what are you going to do? Are you going to buy products that claim they do all of the work for you? Frankly, I haven't found one yet. In fact, I listened to a hype sales seminar with a company who promised, “Money in your bank account overnight.” Well, guess what, the next morning, my bank account had less money in it, because I paid to join this FREE opportunity. If you wonder how I paid for something that was Free, I will tell you.

The catch was, they give you the website, but you have to pay for the web hosting. By the way, the web site was a “store.” We were selling various products. But, the downside was that we have no control over the products that were put into the store. We had no control over the prices of the products. In fact, we had no control of our web site at all. Another thing was that once I started looking around at the various products, from the endless categories, there wasn't that many products to choose from, In fact, I never heard of most of the brand names of the products. Would I have bought anything from this store? Absolutely NOT! Needless to say, my store went “OUT OF BUSINESS” in less than 24 hours. Fortunately, I was fortunate enough to get my money refunded. Again, I wasted 2 hours on the phone call, then I wasted more time going through this site. I wasted more time listening to more useless video training, which was actually nothing but more HYPE!!!

Look, stop wasting your time on these so called “Get Rich” SCAMS. It takes a bit more than just the setting up a web site, getting a web host, and domain name. If I don't see your website, then your site is absolutely worthless. There are ways to get exposure, without paying for it. But, even that takes time and effort. You have to work! Yes, I said WORK! The only way to get traffic to your site is through
SEO, simply defined as Search Engine Optimization. Now, you can do this several ways on your own, but if you do it incorrectly, again time wasted for nothing You can also find professional SEO companies which will create you website, essentially get you up and running, but that is going to cost you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you can obtain internet marketing training and the tools to optimize your web site by and professional SEO, for FREE! Yes, I said for “FREE.”

Oh boy, here we go again you say Well, yes in a way.I do have a opportunity to offer to you. But just bear with me for a moment.I am going to try to give you the short version, by asking you a few questions.

1.Do you know how to get maximum traffic to your web site?

2.Are you tired of battling with Google adwords? In fact, do you even understand how Google Adwords works?

3.Do you have the money to use the pay to click ad campaigns, where you pay for people to read your ad? This can be very expensive, by the way.

4.How much do you know about keywords? I know all about using keywords which fit your web site, you domain name, your product etc. But, have they worked for you? Would you prefer having someone who can say; “Hey, “We have done the research, and continue to do research to see what works, what keeps our web site at the top of the search engine list! If you do not use the right key words, and write them correctly, your web site can end up being at the bottom of the millions of web sites that are out there on the search engines.

5.Okay, now that you have looked at videos, bought products, joined some business opportunity, can you tell me this? Who do you contact for live assistance from someone who has the knowledge to assist you?

6.Where is the training? Oh, I forgot, you watch endless “Hype Videos.” These so-called training videos are designed to keep you busy, so that your refund period runs out, and they get to keep your money. Most people believe, that all they have to do is get their web site set up, turn the computer off, and the money just rolls in, while they do absolutely nothing. Skip useless videos Wouldn't it be nicer if you could actually sign up for a webinar, and actually shown, step by step how you are to do a specific task, by a live person. Wouldn't you prefer to be able to ask questions at the same time, rather than sending some sort of email, or told to go look at the FAQ section which is usually worthless?

At Wealth Creations Network, the Hype ends. Yeah, you have heard that before to. So, let me give you a highlight of what is available to you.

1.Live support through webinar training sessions, and one on one assistance if you request it. No, the specialized attention is not to have you let the company do your advertising for you at a cost. In fact, Wealth Creations Network does the paid advertising for you, for FREE.

2.Wealth Creations Network has a back up library. So, if you are not able to attend a webinar, you can go to the library, click on the webinar, and actually see and hear the same webinar that you missed.

3.At Wealth Creations Network, we work as a team. No, we are not a matrix. Our team consists of the following people: our Founder, our SEO, our specialists, our members, and those who work behind the scenes for us.

4.Wealth Creations Network has put an end to the Endless referrals. To begin with, you will need only 6 referrals to go through the steps to become qualified affiliates. If you are having problems in getting your six referrals, the specialists will provide assistance to you, This is only the beginning, for you to create wealth.

5.Wealth Creations Network, offers to you a pre-loaded debit card with $75-90, for free, and it does not stop there.

6.Would you prefer to earn pennies or dollars with profit sharing. At WCN, the profit sharing is equally divided among qualified affiliates. It is not based on a point system, etc. Currently, those who qualify, are receiving around $2000 a month.

7.I have seen ads for silver and gold coins, selling for several hundred dollars. At Wealth Creations Network, the coins will be delivered to you, at your home.

8.Another important thing is that the training is not for promoting Wealth Creations Network. You are given the tools, the training and the knowledge, which can be applied to any other internet business that you may be involved with.

9.Okay, so you don't believe me. There are those of us who have heard of writing articles, blogs, etc for money. The problem is that many people do not know how to write an article. Do you?

I just attended a webinar where we were shown, step by step, how to write an article from having no idea at all, to a finished product in less than one hour. I am a freelance writer, and even I learned from this webinar.
10.At Wealth Creations Network, there is 100% No Out Of Pocket Expenses. This means, you are not required to pay money to WCN, then do a trial period, and then get your money back, if you are lucky enough, like so many other offers do.It is absolutely NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE TO YOU. Our membership is Free.

At Wealth Creations Network, all you need to join is you own computer with high speed internet. Dial up will not work for you. You also need to be a USA citizen. Then, all you need is 1-5 hours a week to devote to your wealth building plan. In fact, you are provided with a 7 day action plan as your guide, and if you need more time, it is okay, you can get an extension. No, you do not need to have your 6 referrals in 7 days, although you will move up to the next level faster if you do. Wealth Creations is NOT a MLM, a Gifting Program, a Matrix, or a Pyramid scheme.For more information, all you need to do is to go to our web site, and sign up. Once you sign up, you will be able to attend our webinars which are open to all Free Members. You will also get a “Welcome” phone call from one of our specialists, who will also be able to answer your questions, and help you get started. Your website is provided to you for Free. You will have your own back office, where all information which you will need, will be available to you. If you are serious about obtaining Financial Freedom, and willing to put a little bit of effort towards creating your wealth, then Join Us Today!

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WCN is a Wealth Building Club. You will be provided with tools you need to be successful in any online business, while generating a passive income with us. We offer a Free membership to USA citizens who have their own computer and high speed internet. There are NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES. You can leave the need for continually building a downline behind you. You will enjoy profit sharing which is divided equally among qualified members.

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