MPPSC Mains Exam consists of descriptive type questions. It is mainly about testing the analytical, critical and communication abilities of the candidate. The most important thing to keep in mind is time constraints. So, the candidates must answer the questions quickly and effectively and in minimum words.
How to make notes for MPPSC?
It is very important to learn how to make short notes while preparing for MPPSC, especially in the context of Civil Services Mains exam. Without intensive study and preparation of your own notes and revising them regularly one cannot hope to crack the Mains examination.
MPPSC Mains Exam demands the candidate to think with conceptual clarity and organize his/her attitude, perception, thoughts in a flawless manner. Such conceptual clarity and organization can only be achieved through regular writing practice. Making mppsc notes is one of the best ways to achieve this.
The important thing about taking notes from books is your understanding of the material, so it's essential to write down what you understand in your own words. Rewriting information from the source doesn't help you on the exam.
The candidate must be thorough with the syllabus and make a study plan accordingly. Along with this one must prepare short mppsc notes on the subject with the taste of your practical mind, prudence, and common sense. All you must do is to read the topics, find previous year questions from that specific area and make notes accordingly. You must be familiar with the authentic books related to the subject before preparing the notes. Reading an authentic book does not mean that you need to extract the whole essence of the book. Select the relevant information required for MPPSC exam with the help of syllabus.
Summarize and highlight the most important point when preparing short notes. Different question requires different assumptions. Here we bring you some easy steps that will help you develop effective note making skills.
First, you'll need to take into account practical matters, develop some general strategies, and decide what to write, structure your notes, use common abbreviations, and then develop your own ways to speed things up.
How to Make Notes for MPPSC
1. Start making mppsc notes-
• A4 spiral exercise book with separators for different topics.
• Use pen and color highlighter.
• Don't record every line.
• To differentiate between big and small dots, use capital letters, boxes, asterisks, underlines and highlighting.
• Don't write whole sentences, organize with abbreviations and symbols, organize - skip small connecting words.
• Link your notes to your syllabus
• Revise your notes regularly
• Paste a sticky note to add recent updates.
Guidelines for Structure
• What - When - Why - How - Current Relevance - Last Comments
• Follow the personal abbreviation system and create your own abbreviations for common, frequently used words.
• Jot down previous year MPPSC Mains questions.
• Include arrows to indicate increase and decrease.
• Structure the main points and supporting information or facts.
for example:
 Major Title
 Subtitle 1
• Description
 Subtitle 2
• Description
 Major Title
What to take off
• Theory, Concept and Theory
• Main idea
• Examples and real life examples
• Simple diagrams and charts
• Timeline and any new words
• All citations, definitions, and summaries

After making notes
After making notes, review your notes and revise regularly. This is an essential preparatory step to get an overview of the topic and help decide whether it is relevant. This process is not a time consuming one. Scan through the main ingredients, causes, key features, advantages, disadvantages, impact on different sectors, pros, and cons and more. Briefly examine any list of key points, dates, or events. This technique will save you time and allow you to discard any text that is not relevant.

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