If you know someone who is in jail, there is a possibility for that person to be released before going to court if you post bail. When someone is arrested and taken to jail, that person will go before a magistrate or judge to find out if there is a bond or not. If a bond is given, then you can contact a bondsman who can often get the paperwork processed so that the person is released.

How Does the Process Work?

When a judge sets the bond amount, the person can begin contacting agents to try to get released until the court date. If the person in jail has no way to contact the agent or doesn’t have the money to give to the agent, then you will need to go to the office or meet the agent at the facility. Most bondsmen will take 10 percent of the bond amount to get someone released from jail. Once the money is paid and the paperwork is completed, then the person is released.

Revocation of a Bond

If the person does not go to the court date, then the bond will likely be revoked. Bond agents will be able to tell you when the court date is and can often call the person before the date to ensure that the person will be there on time. If the agent receives word that the person failed to appear, then a warrant could be issued.

Some agents will seek the person on their own and take the person to jail. Since a bondsman is responsible for the bond amount if the person does not go to court, then someone will need to pay the bond amount to the agent. This is why agents often seek out people who don’t appear in court as soon as possible so that they don’t lose the money from the bond.

Types of Collateral

There are a few different types of collateral that can be used if you don’t have all of the money for bail. Agents will usually accept a credit or debit card. They will often accept a car or property title as well. If the person doesn’t go to court and the agent has to pay the bond amount, then the property used as collateral will often be taken to compensate for the money lost.

Ways to Get a Bail Bond

The easiest way to find a bondsman is to look at the jail. Most agents will post information on bulletin boards or inside the lobby leading to the jail. You can also look online or look at some of the buildings around the courthouse as many bail agents have offices near a jail.

When you learn that someone you know is in jail, you need to find out if there is a bond amount or not. If there is, then talk with a bondsman about the amount needed for the person to be released. Keep in mind that the person has to go to court if you don’t want to lose any collateral that you give to the agent.

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