Making a plan for the New Year is important because it is a vital step towards reaching your goals and keeping your resolutions. Once you have accurately identified the stories and issues that have held you back in the past and changed your mindset in these areas, it is time to begin implementing your letter to the universe. While it may seem like a simple enough task to do, it will help you to clearly define what you want on an intellectual level, as well as an energetic one.

So, what is your goal or project, specifically? In order to answer this question, begin by connecting to Spirit and asking for guidance. You want to create strong vibrational outputs around each of your goals and then imagine what the fulfillment of the goal will look like. Next, you will want to define each of the tangible things that you desire and place them in categories. Finally, create an affirmative statement for each of the items. This can help you to visualize what fulfilling this goal will be like and encourage you. For example, if your goal is to “live a healthier lifestyle”, you might define it, categorize it, and write statements like this:


• Eat fresh vegetables daily – “My example will encourage my children to eat more fresh vegetables.”
• Limit fast food to once weekly – “I will feel better physically because I am giving my body better ingredients.”
• Switch to whole grain bread and pasta – “ I will have more fiber in my diet for better digestion.”
• Remove soda and caffeine from diet – “I will be free of any less than joyful side effects like headaches”


• Take a walk 3 times weekly – “I will have more energy to spend on things I love!”
• Do strength training 1 time weekly – “I will be physically stronger.”
• Spend more time outdoors, being active with the kids – “I will get to spend quality time enjoying my children and the outdoors.”


• Stop smoking – “My clothes will smell better without smoke
• Drink at least 6 glasses of water daily – “I will be more hydrated and my skin will not be as dry all the time.”
• Begin taking a multi-vitamin each morning – “I will know that I am getting my necessary nutrients each day.”

Once you have your list completed, take another few moments to identify the positive feelings that others will have about your changes. For example, “My children will be happy that I am more energetic and feel better each day.”

Finally, identify actions that come to your mind about how you can accomplish each of the things you desire. For the above example, your list might include things like:

• Make my shopping list out ahead of time and only buy foods that agree with my goals.
• Research online to determine the best strategies to quit smoking.
• Purchase a water bottle to carry with me all day long.
• Pick out a multi-vitamin and place it where I will see it each morning.
• Ask a friend if she would like to walk with me weekly.
• Choose a brand of decaf coffee or tea to try.

Once you have completed this task, mail or email this letter to yourself as a constant reminder of what you will accomplish. It is also a great idea to amp up the positive energy around your goal by again connecting to Spirit and responding to the universe with an affirmation that the goal has been received and begun!

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