That broken tooth will not fix itself at least, that’s what your mind keeps telling you and it’s true.The problem is that it is Sunday, and what dentist opens on a Sunday?

A growing number of emergency dentists in Chicago provide weekend services to those in need of urgent oral care, such as that fractured tooth. For this reason, don’t wait to visit a dentist because it will only lead to unnecessary pain and discomfort.

How to find the right dentists who operates on the weekend for such an emergency is another problem. Sure, a search through the yellow pages could turn up a couple of results, assuming there’s a phone book still lying around, but it’s unlikely that the dental ads will specify weekend hours. Family, friends, neighbors and co-workers may be able to provide additional insight, or you could jump online and see what the world wide web has to offer for emergency dentists in your area.

Finding an available emergency dentist need not be a difficult task. Emergency Dentists USA has put together an easy tool that will name dentists in your area who operate on weekends in a matter of a few short clicks. However, determining the dentist is right for you is a matter of considering the factors involved.


While a number of emergency dentists maintain weekend hours, there are also several who offer 24/7 availability for those in dental crisis. Choosing the best dentist will depend on your specific oral care needs.


The location of the dentist is always a factor. After all, why drive several miles away if there’s a closer dentist who will meet all of your needs? It would be a waste of precious time and result in unnecessary pain. Using our online tool, getting there is easier with a map to mark the dentist’s location as well as a link containing driving directions for your convenience so that you need not spend another minute in pain while searching for the information yourself.

Payment Methods Accepted

Which payment method is accepted for urgent oral care can be a big factor when selecting a dentist. Cash and credit are two options and most dentists accept them for payment. However, what if you refrain from using credit cards and you’re low on cash? Finding an emergency dentist who accepts your form of dental insurance or your dental savings plan is going to be a priority as well.

General Dentistry

If you have a family, choosing a dentist who practices general dentistry for the entire family will also aid your decision. However, during a dental emergency, the first priority will always be to obtain the care needed quickly and research the rest later to finalize your decision. Furthermore, completing the urgent visit will provide a direct experience with how the dentist works and the level of care received.


Dental websites usually contain reviews and testimonials from other patients who’ve experienced the dentist firsthand. Diving in and reading the reviews of others’ experiences may provide a better idea of the consistency of quality that the dentist and his staff provide.

While it’s always ideal to select a dentist during non-urgent situations when you can spend additional time researching your options, this is not always possible. If you have recently moved or haven’t seen a dentist in a while, these few factors will enable you to review emergency dentists in Chicago, IL and choose a dentist quickly to receive the care you need now.

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