Hiring a bounce or jumping inflatable is a great idea for your children's birthday party but it can still be a stressful time planning ordering. Parents need to feel sure that what they rent is top quality for the safety of their child and all the children using it. Finding the best jumping inflatables for rent may take a bit of research, but it is well worth putting in the time.

How to find a bounce hire company

Perhaps the easiest way is to go online and type in what you are looking for, like 'Los Angeles bounce house rental' and look at the list of recommendations the search engine brings up. You can also compare that to the local phone book listings or online directory listings. Most companies nowadays realize the importance of an online presence so you should have a list of websites you can look at to see if they rent to your area if they have the kind of inflatable you are looking for, and what kind of prices they charge.

Look for reviews

To narrow down your list, the best way to find a decent rental is to look at what previous customers have to say about them. While finding online independent reviews for inflatable rentals might not be as easy as say finding restaurant reviews, they are still there and worth looking for. Look too at places like community forums where they may have hired bouncy castles to see who they used and what they thought. Then there is the best way. To ask people you know, who have hired before you from someone. Who did they use and would they recommend them? They are the most likely to give feedback that is honest.

Make yourself a shortlist

Now you can take off some names that perhaps were not reviewed well and create yourself a shortlist of Los Angeles bounce house rental. Look at their website if you have not already and call them to ask any questions you might have. Some companies do not have a huge variety of inflatables, so if there is something unusual you are looking for or something specific in size, you might have to call around a bit. If you can, have an idea of how many will be using the rental at one time so they can make sure you have something sturdy enough. Be prepared to pay a deposit too, as many places ask for one.

Always make sure there is insurance

There are two kinds of insurance to look for, liability insurance and accidental damage. The first protects in case of an injury on the inflatable. The second against damage to the castle itself. People jump sometimes with keys on them which can cause rips or tears, and sometimes people do not stick to the number limit set which can also cause damage.


Jumping inflatables for rent can be a great hit at any party but make sure you do some research first so you find the right company with the right one for you.





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