Oceanography deals with the scientific study of all aspects of the ocean including the boundaries as well as all the continents involved. Different from the traditional types

Nature of Job
To be specific; the job of oceanographer are the followings.

* It is the study of the seas.
* The study includes the coastline, coastal waters, and estuaries.
* It also involves the study of the continental shelf and ocean bed.

Interdisciplinary Science
Basically oceanography is an interdisciplinary science. It involves the principles of biology, geology, chemistry, physics, and meteorology. Hence the prospective candidate should have passed the graduation in one or more of the above subjections.

Interesting Job
Unlike many other stereotyped jobs, the job of oceanographer is an interesting one since it offers exciting prospects of getting involved in a host of scientific disciplines. It also offers for the career aspirants a scope for lifelong learning.

Job Opportunities
Career of oceanographer has assumed great significant in recent days.

* Significance of oceanographers in developing countries is the greatest.
* It is also equally important in countries that are developed and have a flourishing economy.
* It is especially important for countries that are largely dependent on freight supplies on waterways through high seas.
* Since the use of ocean in multiple other ways like offshore oils and gas explorations, and other scientific works have increased substantially, the job opportunities for oceanographers have increased a lot.
* Defense services and scientific research organizations are traditional employers of oceanographers.
* Many corporate organizations, especially in the oil, gas, and transport sectors are requiring the services of oceanographers for research and experiments.

Tasks of Oceanographer
Usually the tasks accomplished by the oceanographer are as follows.

* Collecting samples from oceans;
* Conducting surveys of different types;
* Analyzing data received using advanced technologies and equipments;
* Spending long hours in the sea on research and experiments;
* Study of motions and circulations of sea water;
* Physical and chemical properties of the sea waters;
* Affect of such properties on weather and climate in coastal areas; and
* All research oriented activities relating to ocean.

Job of oceanographer is neither confined to any particular type nor is the earnings limited to particular range. Since the job offers divergent avenues of research, studies, and other works, the job type as well as the remunerations earned varies quite significantly.

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