With the whole world finding itself in some kind of lock down or stay at home scenario, and many more with no work to do, we suddenly have a lot of time on our hands. Whilst NetFlix subscriptions have soared, there are other options for what we can be doing to make the most of our newly found free time.

Take stock of what we have

Life is always a mad rush of getting to work, going somewhere on the way home from work, then squeezing in a quick catch-up with a friend, before heading home for dinner and a few hours sleep. Then we do exactly the same every other day of the week. There is never any time to breathe, relax, and look at what we have achieved.

Now that we have been forced to take that time out, it is great to sit down with a cup of tea and evaluate what we have achieved. To look at how much we love the job we do every day and happy we are living where we live.

Plan for the future

Most of our normal future plans will pretty much always revolve around holidays. As none of us can go on any adventure trips right now, we should plan the other long-term futures we all have. Look at the pension, how much are you paying into it and how much are you really going to be able to take out of it when the time comes. Can you afford a little extra now, as that will really pay off when the time comes that you start to need it.
Aside from the pension we should start to look at where we want to live when we’re moving on in years. Do we want to rest up in one of the lovely retirement villages in Devon, would we rather stay at home, or can we move in with our children. These are all the things we now can consider as we sit and relax.

Fix the house

As we sit and spend all our time at home, that list of chores has mounted up, but you will also have spotted the odd task here and there. The coat of paint which needs to be reapplied in the bedroom, the shelves you should have put up a year ago, and then the garden shed you have been promising yourself for ages.
It could be that you ran out of room in the wardrobe and have been using a cupboard for too long. Well now you have the time to measure up and build your own wardrobe. The delivery services are still running, there are a million ‘How-To’ guides on YouTube, so we have really run out of excuses.

Now is the perfect time to finally get around to looking after ourselves. We have never been at home this long, so we have never been able to really focus on us. Now is our time.

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Rima Chandra Is a professional Author and blogger.