Children today are not as active as they were in the past, and obesity and chronic illnesses are increasing. Fortunately, there are many things parents can do in order to encourage their children to live a more active life. Below is a list of tips for helping your family get into more healthy habits.

Be A Good Role Model
Most children naturally want to do things they see their parents and elders doing. Which is why one of the most important things you can do in order to get your children to live a more active lifestyle, is to model it in front of them. Make sure they know exercise is a priority for you. You can also make exercising a family affair. For example, you might go on walks and bike rides with your children once a week.

Provide Your Children with Opportunities to Be Active
Children don’t have to do formal exercise to reap the benefits. They can improve their health and wellness simply by playing. Provide them with active toys, such as jump ropes and balls. You may also want to consider getting a backyard playset they can climb on and play in for years. Places like the Tree Frogs wooden swing set factory offers many different types of swing sets for sale that can fit in virtually any outdoor space.

Schedule Physical Activity
One of the reasons many children today are not getting enough exercise is because they have so much on their plates. School, after school activities, and homework don’t leave a lot of time for play. However, you should try to schedule some physical activity in your child's day every day.
Children need to get 60 minutes of physical activity per day. However, your child does not have to engage in physical activity for 60 minutes consecutively. Scheduling physical activity in smaller increments will allow your child to get plenty of exercise without disrupting his or her normal routine.

Limit Television Time
Many children today are spending four or more hours per day in front of a screen. Whether that’s the family television set, video game console, or iPad, children who spend a lot of time with a screen typically do not get enough exercise. Try to limit television time and encourage your child to participate in physical activities whenever possible.

Many children are sedentary, but there are ways parents can change that. Being a good role model, scheduling physical activity for your children, and providing them with active toys are some of the ways you can encourage them to develop better habits.

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