It is the desire and wish of many couples to get children in order to spice up their relationship. Unfortunately, not many partners will enjoy parenting despite it bringing a lot of joy. This is mainly because parenting tends to cause a decrease in physical fitness of parents as they are forced to cope with the scheduling demands of child care. However, not all parents face this problem since there are those that rely on jogging strollers whenever they want to exercise with their baby. This new invention has come as good news to parents because they can now be able to integrate their children directly into their daily exercise routine. Furthermore, they also get the chance to benefit from the additional exertion of pushing that extra weight.

Making Your Baby Part of the Daily Workout Routine

Exercising with your stroller is not a walk in the park as most new parents may think. This is because you need to master the art of exercising effectively if you are to avoid causing injuries to yourself or the baby. For this reason, you have to consult a pediatrician after buying a stroller in order to get the most out of it. In addition to this, you must also follow all the recommendations for proper usage.

Things to Consider When Jogging With Your Infant

1. Safety

Safety is the first thing that you need to put into consideration before exercising with your baby. This is because a new-born baby is very fragile and hence cannot cope quite well as is the case with matured babies. You should, therefore, wait till the child is at least six months old, since most babies cannot hold their head upright until attaining this age.

2. Training

Once you and your baby are ready to hit the road together you will have to undergo a jog-stroller training. Attending training sessions is great for all your muscles especially the core and back. You will, therefore, have to partake in every training session like working out in moderate hills to achieve tolerance. New-parent runners should keep their expectations real when attending the training. This is because having a baby in your life is a huge adjustment and hence you should not push yourself to the limits especially during the first training session.

With good training, it becomes easy for you to exercise since you will adapt to pushing that extra weight. Actually, every training session that you attend should be treated as a resistance workout.

3. Location

As soon as you have amassed the necessary training needed to jog with your child, you will have to choose the most suitable locations. It is highly advisable that you avoid crowded cities and towns since you will not be able to exercise well. Parents who choose sparsely populated areas are at an advantage as they have enough space to jog around. They will, therefore, get the chance to burn as many calories as possible so long as they are doing it in the correct way. Furthermore, they will get the baby’s full concentration as there are few distractors around.

The advantage of Exercising with Your Baby

1. Good for Bonding

Despite having some setbacks, the benefits of exercising with your baby outweigh the cons. First and foremost, exercising with your baby creates a strong bond between the two of you as it teaches your baby the importance of an active lifestyle at a very young age. This is because you get to spend more time with your baby regardless of whether you are exercising for 2 hours or less per day.

2. Added Strength and Power

Secondly, you will become a stronger runner with time so long as you stick with your routine. This is made possible since the body will adapt to the extra weight that the stroller and baby adds. The added strength and power can come in handy when running solo, as you will feel lighter than usual.

How to Choose the Best Stroller

A parent can rely on many jogging options when exercising with their baby. Unfortunately, no stroller can handle all these options. You should thus consider all the features which are in line with your exercise goals and lifestyle before settling on one. For most parents, this may mean being honest when it comes to their real running prowess. However, this is not quite true since you must also consider your financial situation.

Regular runners, who ran avidly before getting pregnant are better off than their counterparts as they only have to invest more on the jogger. The same case applies to people who run at least once a week be it when catching a bus or performing an errand. Unfortunately, you will have to buy a high-end model if you have never thought about exercising. This can sometimes prove costly especially to a person who is running on a low budget.

Not many parents will burn calories significantly when using a stroller. This is especially the case when using the wrong technique during your daily exercising routine. To avoid this issue, you will have to rely on the best possible methods of burning more calories while working less. One such method is pushing yourself whenever you are pushing the stroller. Alternatively, you can decide to maintain the same speed as your stroller as it increases the costs of running. Therefore, the same 30-minute jog that would have burnt close to 360 calories for a man or woman running without a stroller will incinerate to about 380.

More people are now realizing the benefits of introducing their baby to exercises at a very early age. It is thus not surprising to find a neighborhood where parents spend some time with their babies after coming from work. You should, therefore, make use of strollers whenever you are jogging with your baby. By doing so, you will be able to not only burn calories but also spend more time with your baby thus creating a strong bond.

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