I'm Christine Breese, founder and director of University of Metaphysical Sciences. Being a business person, I have been thinking a lot about the paradigm shift and we at University of Metaphysical Sciences have been taking the actions necessary to preserve the school through these coming economic challenges to make it recession proof. I feel a lot of responsibility to my lovely staff who have worked so hard over all these years and I want to preserve their jobs as long as possible. None of us make a lot of money because University of Metaphysical Sciences is a non-profit organization, but what we do make is necessary to keep food on the table, and I am doing what it takes to not have to lay people off from work.

I also know that when there is crisis people turn to spiritual inquiry more than ever, so our services are greatly needed in these coming times. Ask yourself how you can be in service with what it is you have to offer to the world even if it means you’ll just break even and not make a lot of money. When you are in service to the awakening of humanity rather than getting rich, you are supported by the powers that be during this paradigm shift. In a way it is a good thing if the economy fails because it will cause humanity to look deeper into what is really important instead of the consumerism and materialism that has become the center of many cultures in this era.

The first thing any business should do is create a less expensive product if normally their products cost a lot. It doesn’t mean they have to lower their prices on the expensive things, but it would be ideal to have products that cost less, even if you have to create and add them. If you cannot add new products that are less expensive, it is good to be able to sell what you offer in smaller increments, or even small payment plans if you don’t currently have them.

For instance, we have a large ticket item, an education, and people might be intimidated by a commitment to a $50 monthly payment plan that goes on for a while. What we are now doing is setting it up so that people can buy one course at a time if they want to and there is no further commitment. They won’t be able to take exams and get a degree, but if the courses interest them, at least they can partake of that. They can later enroll if they want to, but in the meantime they are able to partake of what we offer without committing to the investment in their education if they cannot afford it at this time. This is a way to make your more expensive products affordable, by selling them in smaller increments.

We are adding less expensive products that have nothing to do with the school, but will be easily affordable even by the lowest income person. We are adding 100 meditations that come in CD format or are downloadable. They aren’t related to the curriculum of the school at all. The reason for this is that our current students will want to get these meditations because they have really loved the meditations they experienced in their courses. This way we can draw from our current customer base, which is something you might want to think about doing. Also, the regular public will be interested in these meditations simply because of the content and this will create new customers. This way we are not only catering to our students needs, but to the needs of the public in general for an affordable price. In the process we are making our business recession proof.

A CD will still cost $9, but a download will only cost $3 to $5. If you can create downloads, do so. Everyone can afford $3 or so even in economic crisis. It also makes your job easier if you don’t have to produce a physical product and mail it. Downloads are a wonderful phenomena of today’s technology. You might have to pay a webmaster to set this up, but it will be worth it in the long run. You are making your business recession proof and you are at the same time serving humanity in its efforts to awaken to a better way of being by creating a product that is so inexpensive that people can still afford it in times of economic crisis.

As for the big picture concerning the paradigm shift, you must live fearlessly. Those who cannot surrender and let go of what they want will suffer greatly. Those who simply accept what is even though they prefer something else, they will have a smooth ride. Yes, it may mean a change to a simpler lifestyle, it may mean a cut in pay, it may mean driving an old car instead of a new one, it may mean losing everything you have… maybe not. No matter what, simply accept what you cannot change and be at peace.

Heaven and hell will exist in their extremes simultaneously on the Earth through this paradigm shift, and the only thing that will keep you in the heaven energy is what is in your heart. If you are in fear or frustration, you will experience hell. If you are fearless and live with peace in your heart in a state of surrender, you will experience heaven on Earth. This is an exciting time to be alive, so watch the movie with open eyes! Things will all straighten out afterwards and get better once this necessary process of human evolution has passed.

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