The idea of surgery using robotic arms for greater precision may sound like science fiction, but for Dr. George Nicola, a Boise, Idaho, orthopedic surgeon at West Idaho Orthopedics, it's part of a day's work. Dr. Nicola specializes in minimally invasive knee surgery and knee replacement for patients throughout the Boise area, and MAKOplasty is one of his most effective new tools for improving joint function.

MAKOplasty, an innovative technique for partial knee replacement and knee resurfacing, improves the precision of knee surgery with robotic assistance and clear real-time imagery. Because the tools used in MAKOplasty offer such precision, you keep more of your healthy tissue. Retaining more tissue means a shorter recovery time after surgery. If advancing osteoarthritis necessitates future surgeries, you'll have more bone mass with which to work by choosing MAKOplasty. Many patients also report that their knees feel natural at rest and during normal daily activities after a MAKOplasty.

MAKOplasty minimizes blood loss, shortens rehabilitation time and leaves a smaller incision. The typical size of the incision is about four to six inches long, about half the length of a conventional knee replacement scar. That leaves more of the soft tissues surrounding your knee undisturbed, reducing your recovery time. Most patients who undergo MAKOplasty return to full activity within weeks following the procedure. You'll be home sooner after a less invasive surgery, saving on hospital costs. Medicare often covers a MAKOplasty arthroscopic procedure; consult your insurance provider to find out if this advanced procedure is a viable option for you.

Only your doctor can determine whether you're a good candidate for a specific procedure, but MAKOplasty presents you with more possibilities when the pain of osteoarthritis limits your movement. Knee pain that keeps you from engaging in your usual activities affects your overall health. Knee health is vital to getting sufficient exercise for your cardiovascular fitness, healthy weight maintenance and even your mood. Restoring you to a greater range of motion is the aim of all Caldwell, Idaho, orthopedic surgeons at West Idaho Orthopedics.

Precision instruments require expertise to use them. Dr. George Nicola is one of the only orthopedic specialists in the region certified to perform knee procedures involving MAKOplasty. Dr. Nicola brings almost three decades of experience as an orthopedic specialist and sports medicine doctor as well as his training in operating the robotic arm technology that sets MAKOplasty apart from traditional joint replacement techniques.

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