Everybody will experience hair loss to a more or lesser degree as we get older. In fact, we all lose and regrow out hair all the time. It's a non stop process that most of us are not even aware of. Your hair is falling out all the time and gets replaced all the time. The difference is that as we get older, this process of regrowth gets inhibited and for many people hair stops growing altogether. This is what's commonly thought of as hair loss.

Although we tend to see a lot of bald men, women also experience hair loss but they tend to deal differently with it. While its perfectly fine for a man to walk around with a bald head, its probably much more unacceptable for women. Women usually wear wigs to cover up their baldness, but make no mistake. Women suffer from hair loss and its not an uncommon problem.

With so many potential causes of losing your hair its very hard to pin down exactly what it is. Its more likely to be a combination of causes but at the root of the problem is hormones. Hormones dictate the growth processes in our bodies and when you experience hair loss you are really experiencing a hair growth problem.

For women the balding process is very different than for men. While men have a very distinct pattern, for women there is no real pattern. When men start balding, it usually starts right at the top of the scalp and starts working its way down. Men rarely lose all their hair and usually have string hair left at the sides of the head. The good news for men is that this hair can be used in hair transplants.

For women, the balding pattern is much worse. female hair loss occurs as a gradual loss of hair all over the body. On the head, hair starts thinning out more and more until there is nothing left and as this process sets in, the hair itself becomes very brittle and weak.

While women generally have good results with hormonal treatments, men tends to have better results with laser treatments. hair loss can be treated effectively for both men and women but the real secret is to catch it early and to start treatments as soon as possible.

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